[RM2K3] Streaming my old RM game, Kinetic Cipher

What's good, dudes!

This coming Thursday, December 4, at 6pm EST, I'm going to be streaming my old RM project on Twitch. I'll be talking about the game, the thought process behind its design, my history with various RM communities, and basically what the hell I was smoking during my early 20s. I figure a few folks around here would be interested in seeing that, so feel free to drop by and heckle.

My Twitch channel is here:


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Hi guys! I used to hang out here but now I don't, on account of WIP touched me in bad places.

If you aren't following me on YouTube you should probably start, especially if you made/played/enjoyed/hated Super RMN Bros. Or if you love SovanJedi's sexy Brit-voice.

My channel is here:

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(One of the captchas required for me to make this post was "poison", which I think is particularly apt.)

IRC Roundtable Discussion: Game Balance

Esteemed Drs. Brickroad and kentona will be hosting a roundtable discussion on the hot topic of balance in an RPG setting. It's scheduled for this Thursday, July 30, 6:30 p.m. EST (3:30 p.m. PST).

If you have something to add to the discussion, have some questions for us handsome grandmasters, or just want to observe and maybe learn something, please join us on in #rmn_roundtable at the scheduled time.

This will be a moderated chat, so feel free to hang out in for a more general conversation. If you've never used IRC before but want to attend, click here for a step-by-step guide on how to get it up and running.

I'm going to compile that cat log into an article, so if you can't make it you'll still be able to see what was discussed.

See you guys there!


That is a picture of the back of my head playing Rock Band 2. The rest of you cats should be playing Rock Band 2 with me. HOLLA BACK YO.

Brick's Official RMN Review Thread

Response to my reviews has been pretty positive so far, but a couple questions and comments have come up. In the interest of transparency I'm going to address those concerns here.

What gets reviewed?
I don't get to decide what games I review (although I'm sure my input is taken into consideration). If you want your game reviewed by me, the best I can offer is to start bugging WIP and Holbert about it.

I've made a few requests of them as to what I'll review and what I won't. I won't be reviewing any unfinished, canceled projects. I won't be reviewing any fangames. I won't be reviewing any commercial games.

I've agreed to review all Featured Games. Outside of that I'm going to try and maintain a one-a-week schedule, although some games are really long so that might get stretched or squashed as needed.

You can't review a game without playing the entire thing!
Sure I can. Here's why:

RM games are free and there are hundreds of them. The average site user will download something that catches his eye, and if five minutes later he's not having fun with it he will delete it with absolutely no risk or obligation before going on to the next thing. It's not like a commercial game where you've just spent $60 and it's the only new game you got today. The site is set up so people can quickly, painlessly and easily download as many games as they want until they find one they fancy.

As "official reviewer" or whatever I do try to sink a fair amount of time into each game I play. There's no hard rule, but "a couple hours" seems fair to me. If your game hasn't shown me anything in the first few hours that leads me to believe I should continue playing the next few, well, that's the typical experience an RMN user is going to have.

Because I can't review an experience I didn't have, I don't try to extrapolate what I did play over the entire available game. Each of my reviews starts off listing how long I spent with the game, and ends detailing exactly why I quit playing it. This way the game's author knows what sections of his game my comments apply to and the exact reason I was driven away.

Your scores suck!
The entire concept of review scores suck, but they're a necessary evil. Ah well.

RMN uses a five-star scale. Rather than "three is average" I choose to interpret this as "anything under one is terrible". As far as I'm concerned there are not varying degrees of suckitude. Once a game sucks, it sucks, whether it's just a poorly made RPG or a silly joke game with one hour of work put into it. So when you see my score, remember that it's not a matter of "two stars sucks, one star sucks worse" but "two stars doesn't suck".

I'll probably never give a game five stars. If I do, it will literally only be that one game. I look forward to playing it!

No fair, you're biased against story games!
Ah... yeah, you've got me. I suppose this is true. I do like a good story, but I read books and things for that. When I play a game I really, really appreciate the gameplay more (as is evidenced by my gameplay articles, I hope!).

Still, I'm an okay writer myself and I know good writing when I see it, so I believe I am qualified to judge a game's writing and story on their own merits. I do my best to reflect that in my reviews by providing examples of things I liked and didn't like in both the story and gameplay aspects of a project.

In the case of Featured Games, we're going to balance this out a bit by appointing the venerable halibabica as official co-reviewer. He's more open to story-heavy games than I am, so he'll be able to provide a good counterpoint to my gameplay-is-god outlook. (Also I hear he can be bribed.)

Is that it?
I hope so! If you have any other concerns, feel free to post them here. I look forward to writing more excruciatingly-long reviews and witty captions for everyone's enjoyment and education!

Random Games button is so awesome

I'm finding so much crazy shit. Someone's gonna have to start up a bi-weekly Crazy Shit special feature or something.

Game design articles.

WIP and Holb have asked if I would write some more game design articles for RMN, and I accepted. I'll probably do a new one every couple weeks. I shouldn't have any problems coming up with subjects to cover, but if there's anything in particular you guys would like to see me take on please feel free to suggest it in this thread.

(Disclaimer: all of my ideas come from being an amateur game developer, knowing a guy who works for Konami and/or being a crab in a top hat.)

RPG Gender Swap!

In #rm2k tonight we got on the subject of which RPGs could get away with an opposite-gendered hero, and which couldn't. It's a pretty interesting discussion actually. We touched on the Suikoden series and the FF series. Here's my take on them:

Suiko1: McDohl could be flipped pretty easily, and just be the badass daughter of a famous general. No problem really.

Suiko2: You couldn't flip the hero without also flipping his friends Jowy and Nanami. Of course Jowy is already pretty feminine to begin with so whatev.

Suiko3: Counting Thomas, the Tenkai Star, as the main character (which isn't accurate, but oh well), it wouldn't work. You can't make an anime girl that dorky without also making her adorably cute, and Thomas wouldn't work while adorably cute.

Suiko4: If you flip the hero you also have to flip Snowe, but otherwise no problems.

Suiko5: Due to the nature of the country the game takes place in, the hero pretty much has to be male. It wouldn't work the other way around.

FF4: This game was cliche before cliche was even cliche. I don't think it would have worked with a woman in the lead, not because it would ruin the story, but just because it's unthinkable.

FF6: It's pretty important that the hero (Terra) be vulnerable and manipulated. This works with a female hero because the player sympathizes, but a male hero who is vulnerable and manipulated is called a "pussy" and nobody wants a pussy in the lead role. (Celes and Locke could be flipped no problem though.)

FF7: It's pretty important that Aeris is a chick (due to it being so emotional seeing a cute, vulnerable female brutally killed by the villain), and if Aeris is a chick Cloud has to be a dude. Also, the Honeybee Inn/Don Corneo sequence just wouldn't be the same.

FF8: Not worth discussing since they did female Squall in FF10-2 anyway.

FF9: I think this one would work well. Garnet could be a confused prince just as easily as a confused princess and, come on, cute fiesty thief girl w/tail? Sign me up.

FF10: It's kind of important that Yuna be a chick (for the same reasons Aeris is), which means Tidus has to be a guy. He's not much of a guy though.

FF12: Vaan is barely even relevant to the plot, so what difference would it make?

Let's see what other games we can ruin by adding/removing boobies!

Nomic: The Webcomic

So like, Rei and I? We have this webcomic thing called Nomic. You can check it out at I write it and Rei draws it. Maybe you guys could read it and if you enjoy it tell other people about it? Cool.

Also the link is in my sig along with a little button, so if you were like "Hey can I steal that little button for my webpage?" I'd be like "Sure, go crazy."

Onehour downloads!

If you couldn't make it to the Onehours, or made it and didn't hang around, here's the fun you missed!

The topic at first was "make a game using as many references to The Flintstones as possible," but people complained about that topic, so it was changed to "okay no topic." Then LordStan listed a few other topics involving speedoboats and film noir. By the time people actually showed up and were ready to go the whole issue of the topic was so confusing that nobody really knew what we were doing. In the end, most people went with the Flintstones thing anyway, WITH HILARIOUS RESULTS.

The Entries!

Colorful Bad Dream by BlindMind
Not only did BlindMind get his entry in twenty minutes late, he also decided to make it 9 megs! Fortunately pretty much the whole thing makes fun of GW so we forgive him forever.

Flintstones Have Cancer by Karsuman
Next we have Karsuman's entry, which I think needs no description because the title says it all.

Tales of Great Gazoo by trance2
Possibly the most amazing title screen I've ever seen, and also a guest appearance by Adam West.

No One Could Decide On A Topic LOL The Game by Trihan
lol =(

Untitled by Umbaglo
Hours of gameplay! Sorta!

And the winner is...

Hardrock Cafe by Erave
This one wins for sheer number of Flintstones references involved, and also the phrase "boob day baaabb".

So I guess we'll do this again next week, when Erave will pick us a topic! Or maybe seven topics. See you guys there.
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