It has been done...

Wohoooooooo! Congrats for finishing it!
I'm gonna play the hell out of this awesomeness right now! :D

Eric's Day Off

Hope you will create a sequel one day (and post it on rpgmakerweb too!) it's one of the funniest games I've ever played.

Castle Oblivion 3

Looks so awesome, great job luiishu, I'm sure Kelarly will be proud. ;)
I'm so upset that I can't test it (real life is taking on me right now)...

Good luck! Hope you'll find your beta-testers soon!
Can't wait to play it.

Eric's Day Off

This thing was funny as hell...ahahahah
Good job man.

Call for FULL GAME Beta Testers(I'm Hungry!)

I would love to test this awesome game too, but I'm a bit busy right I think I'll pass this time.
Anyway, looking forward to play the whole thing (I'm a fan of Kelarly and your game is a worth sequel of his work).

The Winter Knight

This was short but sweet, I enjoyed it.

"I reccomend playing it to anyone."

Good work man, I subscribe.

Fae Rebirth

It's a pretty good game, the mapping needs more work in some places but it's nothing major, you can improve it, the storyline and the characters seems interesting so far.

I like it and I subscribe.

PS: Are you the girl in your avatar? If yes, you're hot. XD

Seer Dell: Dragon

It's overall a good game Liberty, I especially enjoyed the humour and the characters.
There will be a sequel of this? I hope so, because it's very good^^

Tristian: Lady of the Lion

I still prefer Tristian: Lady of the Lion as the title, it certainly sounds better.
Anyway, the game looks great, I really like the mapping and the atmosphere.

Nice job.

In Search of Immortality Review

I agree with the gameplay score, but the humour was enjoyable.
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