Ningyo Heart

I had downloaded quite a few games in one night to play ^^; plus it was a while ago as I had computer issues and then surgery to go through. I started the game last night and when that happened is when I came on here and made an account to see what went wrong. Thank you very much for the file.

The game overall is wonderful! I actually yelped a few times while I was playing it in the dark. I read over some of the comments, and yes, your translation is a little rough but it is still coherent and understandable. And it doesn't have glitches like getting stuck in the wall or frozen sprites like Lakewood Story. Your English is better than that game too.

:D Oh? I'd love to. I'll check it out once I finish Ningyo Heart! ^^ Thank you

Ningyo Heart

I just got to the club room and fell victim to the same bug. where is the save file you had made, since I don't see it in the blog tab.
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