The name's Cole.
Freelance writer currently looking to join a serious gaming team. Writes whatever is needed but speciality lays within horror/thrillers and more mystical themed games.
PM me for any questions or for text examples.
Current project:
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[RMMV] Any way to use mass tilesets?

More of a quick question, I remember that in XP and VXACE there were ways a way to use "mass tilsets", in other words these massive compilation tilesets that combined every B - E tilsest into one.

It was very useful for me and I wonder if it is a way to do so in MV too?
I have a tilset that is the size of 128 x 2672.

[RMMV] [Rpg maker MV] Rezining tileset, ends up looking too massive

I've found someone who resized the free to use tilsets from WOLF engine into rpg maker vx ace.
However, scaling these up to MV tile set size makes them look massive next to all characters (been using the re scaled wolf engine characters).

Don't know if there is any solution on how to easily fix these marvellous tile sets so that it doesn't look like every house is made for a family of giants.

All help is greatly appreciated.

[Paid] Need pixel artist for 2 sprites for personal project

Hello fellow rpg maker and artists.
As of now I am working on a little project, mostly for my own amusement but also to serve as a source for a game in the far future once my schedule of studies clears up.
I am looking for an artist to make 2 sprites for the two main leads.
Of course I'll compensate you for your time!

Hit me with a PM if you're interested.

Need help with pop!horror child sprite

I am a creator of little indie games in my spare time, in between my education and everything else.
Right now I'm looking for someone to make at least 3 child sprites (references provided by me) for a slow moving project.

I won't be able to compensate in any huge amounts but I am wiling to give some money compensation for your time and effort.

PM me if you're interested in helping out!

[RMMV] Pop! Horror light effect

So I've brought the pop! horror tilesets.
Love them.
But I can not for my life figure out how to make the light effects work.
They only appear as an orange dot with a black ugly outline when I follow the very vague "guild lines" added into the character folder.
I'm sure I'm doing some basic mistake here but I can not figure out what it is.
Any help would be appreciated.

[AGS] The lament of finding an artist

As I sit here with my project, the writing coming along nicely and the concept all fine and dandy and even programming covered I find myself turning to these forums to get some input and advice.

Long story short, and to keep most of my concept to myself, I am going to turn one of my novels into a game with the Adventure Game Studio engine.
I pitched the concept to a friend who has programmed in this engine before and they were all aboard along with two others, my partner who designed the original characters and their sibling who is a talented artist.
So the line-up starts good, I'm an author and have written for game and stage play before so I hold that responsibility while my partner and my other friend oversees the entire project and programming with the sister working on the art.

Now there is only one huge flaw in this and this is where I find myself in the never ending cycle of frustration.
The sister never works.
We agreed that if we were knee deep in school work or occupied with our steady jobs then we were not obligated to do anything with the game, our basic income comes first after all.
But it has now been weeks without anything where I have asked the sister to do one mock up shoot of how we want the game to look so we can see if the art design we chose will work for the atmosphere we wish to convey or if we have to change it all together.
And nothing.
Over one month of me asking her and more or less pushing her and she has delivered nothing.

Now the trouble is this, if she had told me she was not interested or felt this was out of her league, I accept that, I would move on and try to find other means.
But she keeps insisting she's interested though the interest certainly is not showing.

And so I find myself in this predicament.
The idea is solid, the story is good and over all if I can hook a good artist, this can actually be something I would be more than proud of.
I'm not aiming to become the next big thing but there are a lot of personal reasons to get this game done and out there.
However I am not a wealthy person and I also have the moral that an artist should not have to work for free.
Of course the first thing coming to mind would be "why not start a crowdfunding" or "a kick starter!".
I won't do neither of those until I have a project that would be worth that or be further into development.

So what I ask is some advice.
I really wish to get in contact with artists but I have no idea how to come to an agreement or even where to look? I do not wish to exploit someone's hard work after all.
As for the sister situation I have no idea how to approach it, I guess I'm wondering if I should keep beating a dead horse or if I should just pull the plug and try to look elsewhere?

Any advice is highly appreciated.

[RM MV] Kaus Ultimate Overlay error message[Fixed]

So, I've recently moved from VX ACE to MV, simply because I like the graphics and screen resolution a tad better.
However I would still like to implement a light overlay to my maps as I've done in VX ACE since it gives a little more flare to the entire thing.

I was recommended Kaus Ultimate Overlay and while I followed various tutorials online I've run into a mayor problem.
I set the organized folders to true, I simply like organizing my light effects and not keep them all bundled into the paralex folder.
I slap in all the text that should be needed, naming the file appropriately and try to fire the game up.
However I am meet with a message simply reading: "can not set property 'x' of undefined"

I have no clue what it is I'm doing wrong or how to fix it and any aid on this issue is greatly appreciated

[RM2K3] Have installed RTP games claim I haven't

I've encountered this trouble with the games demanding the RTP.
So I download the RTP, I install it and click the game.
The game claims I have not installed the RTP.
I am quite frankly at a loss for what to do here.
Anyone got an answer or have encountered something similar?

SOLVED[RMVX ACE] Picture keeps moving with the player

So, I make light effects by putting a parallel picture on top of my map.
My trouble is that when the player moves, so does the picture, causing the light
effects to go all over the freaking place.
In short, I want the picture to remain at the right coordinates at all time, so the player can move over the map without the light effects for windows and such moving out of place.

I am really new to this "adding light effects through pictures" so I can't figure out how to fix this issue on my own.
And google searching has not turned up with anything helpful either.

I would really appreciate any help as soon as possible.

[RMVX ACE] Looking for musician


Name's Cole and I'm working on a project, alone as of now.
It's going to be a mystery horror in the spirit of Lovecraft.

I'm looking for someone to compose at least five tracks, just simple piano and/or string instruments would be very nice.
There should be three music scores that will be tied to the three main characters, these scores can be a little more engaging than the fourth and fifth ones.
The fourth score should be something calm yet ominous that will be played throughout the game as a sort of background music.
As is obvious this track shouldn't be big or distracting from the rest of the game but rather just something to be kept in the background to prevent the game from being too silent.
The fifth score should be the theme for the game.

I can fill you in better via PM on what I exactly need.
The game is not intended to be for profit as of now and there is not going to be any payment involved.
If I decide to try and release the game there will of course be compensation for the musician.
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