I have a fairy in a cage next to my computer. I feed it peanuts and Diet Dr Pepper. When I want ideas, I beat it with a wooden paddle.

I pretty much only do music for games now. I have good ideas for story or gameplay every now and then, but I'm not good enough to make it happen. If you see me as the developer of a group game, you can rest assured that I'm doing the music and really just acting as a sounding board for the other developers.



[RMMV] Can Tint Screen also affect my above-hero parallax image?

I'm having an issue where when I want to tint the screen, it only affects my lower layer parallax as well as the characters. But picture 11 for instance doesn't fade at all. I know I can tint the picture separately, but that could get unwieldy pretty quick.

Any thoughts?


[RMMV] vs [RMVX ACE]... which lags less?

Thank you guys so much!

[RMMV] vs [RMVX ACE]... which lags less?

When I see let's play videos on youtube, I see a disturbing amount of lag and framerate drops for even the most simple games made in RMMV. If having my game play smoothly (like rm2k and rm2k3) is a priority, is there any hope for making a game in RMMV or RMVX Ace?

EDIT: Or is it likely that the video capture software the youtubers are using is to blame?

Hand drawn charsets, specifically

I know there are many successful games that feature hand-drawn art, but it seems to me that it would be jarring to put hand drawn characters on top of that, since surely there will be jagged edges. I imagine that if you could have the edges of a character sheet be 50% opacity, this wouldn't be an issue... is anything like this possible in RMMV? Is it possible to have a game look good with hand drawn sprites?

Fast Times at Aremen High: Sign-Ups

I haven't been around RMN in forever, but I'd love to make an appearance, even as a throwaway NPC. Background about me is that I'm in the early stages of being a professional musician and composer, so anything music related works. Haven't made my own actual game in years, just soundtracks.

Aesthetics... Mapping with photoshop

Wow, that's pretty impressive!!

Aesthetics... Mapping with photoshop

Which games out there have really struck you as being visually stunning? Ones that look so carefully crafted that you wouldn't believe it was made with a tile-based engine like RPGMaker? It seems that the games that manage to do this rely heavily on photoshop. Can anyone suggest some good tutorials that show how to incorporate photoshop with RM? Either as lighting overlays or (more importantly) the maps themselves (essentially replacing tilesets).


You know.... it could be a really funny character if you took this idea and ran with it.

New Film Soundtrack: Waiting to Die; Free to Download

Sounds really nice. I'm sure I've asked you this before, but remind me what program you use to sequence again. I'm pretty sure the sounds are EW Quantum Leap.

The RMN Chain Game

Aw, I wish i had known about this. Would have loved to do a chapter.