I have a fairy in a cage next to my computer. I feed it peanuts and Diet Dr Pepper. When I want ideas, I beat it with a wooden paddle.

I pretty much only do music for games now. I have good ideas for story or gameplay every now and then, but I'm not good enough to make it happen. If you see me as the developer of a group game, you can rest assured that I'm doing the music and really just acting as a sounding board for the other developers.


[RMMV] Can Tint Screen also affect my above-hero parallax image?

I'm having an issue where when I want to tint the screen, it only affects my lower layer parallax as well as the characters. But picture 11 for instance doesn't fade at all. I know I can tint the picture separately, but that could get unwieldy pretty quick.

Any thoughts?


[RMMV] vs [RMVX ACE]... which lags less?

When I see let's play videos on youtube, I see a disturbing amount of lag and framerate drops for even the most simple games made in RMMV. If having my game play smoothly (like rm2k and rm2k3) is a priority, is there any hope for making a game in RMMV or RMVX Ace?

EDIT: Or is it likely that the video capture software the youtubers are using is to blame?

Hand drawn charsets, specifically

I know there are many successful games that feature hand-drawn art, but it seems to me that it would be jarring to put hand drawn characters on top of that, since surely there will be jagged edges. I imagine that if you could have the edges of a character sheet be 50% opacity, this wouldn't be an issue... is anything like this possible in RMMV? Is it possible to have a game look good with hand drawn sprites?

Aesthetics... Mapping with photoshop

Which games out there have really struck you as being visually stunning? Ones that look so carefully crafted that you wouldn't believe it was made with a tile-based engine like RPGMaker? It seems that the games that manage to do this rely heavily on photoshop. Can anyone suggest some good tutorials that show how to incorporate photoshop with RM? Either as lighting overlays or (more importantly) the maps themselves (essentially replacing tilesets).

TheDigitalMonk's Official Music Thread

This thread serves as a collection of the various soundtracks I am writing for RMN's games! If you would like to use one of the tracks in your game, you are welcome to use any tracks from games that have already been released (Eyes Without a Face), just keep "TheDigitalMonk" in the file name and the rest is up to you. No credit in-game is needed. If you want to use any of the tracks for something non-game related, they're all up for grabs so just shoot me a PM and I'll send you a file.

TheDigitalMonk's Game Soundtracks


LINK: -= =-
(There are more tracks for Muse that have not been finished and/or uploaded).

An Ambient/Electronic soundtrack for the most part with a very surreal feeling. Listen for the little melodic themes that are tied throughout a lot of the tracks... the simplest version is heard in the title track. These tracks aren't up for download yet because the game has yet to be released, but you're welcome to listen to them on PureVolume until Muse comes out (at which point, you can get the MP3's most likely... still have to clear that).

Track 01: Twinkle Twinkle Little Vestel
This is the title track for the game. It very closely mirrors "Among the Stars" later on, the main theme for the game.

Track 02: Welcome to the Vestel
This is the track for the game's opening cinematic. It's one of two tracks made using garageband.

Track 03: Vestar's Perception of Nature
This track accompanies an eerie scene that takes place in a surreal nature-oriented setting. It aims to feel like a synthetic version of nature... think of a bio-dome. This is one of my favorite tracks.

Track 04: Vestar's Perception of Emptiness
This track is pretty much a stock horror track that accompanies a dark surreal scene.

Track 05: Vestar's Perception of Heart
This is one of the more complex tracks I wrote for Muse and is one of my favorites. It's another surreal ambient track that has a really delicate tonal part halfway through that I really like.

Track 06: Among the Stars
This is the main theme for Muse. It also has an actual story significance in the game too, but I won't give that away. This theme is woven into just about every other track in Muse in some way, sometimes subtly and sometimes blatantly.

Track 07: Pale as a Ghost
This is my favorite track so far in Muse. It serves as the background music while walking around the Vestel, so it's kind of the "overworld" music if you will. There's a section in the middle that will be cut out simply because it doesn't quite match the tone of the game, but the final version will be a bit darker and scarier. I really like the last third where I used sound clips from a breathing apparatus to make an ostinato. Plays into the idea of space, no? :)


Bit Bonton
(No tracks have been uploaded for this game yet).

A more traditional RPG-style orchestral soundtrack with catchy tunes and soaring melodies.


Eyes Without a Face
Here are the three tracks I wrote for the recent Team Cascade game "Eyes Without a Face."
This soundtrack was written in the time span of just a couple days, much like the actual game itself. For this reason, the soundtrack isn't quite as polished as I would like but it does its job. My other soundtracks for Team Cascade will be more polished than these.

Track01: Intro Music
LINK: -= =-
This track has kind of a gypsy feel to it and features an innocent but slightly mischievous and haunting theme that plays during the game's intro when the player is oblivious to the horrors that will soon ensue :) This one is unnecessarily long because I copy-pasted it, so the actual track itself is really only about a minute long.

Track02: Eerie
LINK: -= =-
This is my favorite track of the three. In hindsight, it was a little too short, but for a game made in a week, I didn't lose any sleep over the small things. It has sort of a "haunting lullaby" feel to it and serves as the background when things start seeming odd but nothing terrifying has happened yet.

Track03: Dissonance
LINK: -= =-
This track is the most disturbing and gritty of the three tracks and it accompanies the player's plunge into insanity and horror. Once again, I wish I had made it repeat better, but I won't lose sleep over it since it was written for an event-game.


This soundtrack geteth no love anymore

Anyone here heard of a game called Total Annihilation? Ya, didn't think so. That's because it was outshadowed by Starcraft which was released right around the same time. Well anyway, It's a fantastic little game with one of the best orchestral game soundtracks in existence. It's simply amazing, take a listen:

The Birds and the Beedrills

I was on national radio today

If anyone was listening to NPR today.... you probably heard me play timpani.

Every time you...

...change your avatar, I forget who you are. I know ppl by their pictures not their names most of the time :P

The best free-ware game on the net

So what do you guys think is the best free game on the internet? (NOTE: Excluding all RPGMaker games + any other makers associated with this site).

My personal vote goes to GunZ: The Duel. For those who don't know, it's a 3rd person online shooter RPG that essentially features matrix-like gravity. The game was a little bit glitchy, but that ended up MAKING the game because a whole style of play revolved around exploiting various minor glitches. The result? Extreme skill based gameplay that is a TON of fun and VERY addicting.

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