A Canvas For Eternity

Thank you Illy and my final thoughts on your game is very positive because here is my praise. It has pretty good 8-bit graphics, a very nice short story that involves Leonardo Da Vinci and Francesco de Melzi including some pretty decent boss fights and enemies in the game. I like how you used mystic quest engine with a unique 8-bit nes style. Here is my only criticism of the game it lacks a strategy guide for beginning players but despite that I was able to beat the game in less than 4 hours without a problem. So Overall it's a good game I'll give it 4 out of 5 stars. Last thing I want to make clear before I go. Can u please fix your rar archive download because I only encountered a unknown format or damaged archive error on my computer due to the rar archive download. I decided to Winzip it with extract to folder so I didn't want to face any issue. Keep on making Games and I wish you Good Luck developers.

A Canvas For Eternity

I tried playing the game but I keep encountering rpg rtp 2003 not found error on my computer everytime I start it and I tried fixing it with harmony but I found no luck nor success so will u please update and fix this issue in the next version please?

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Hello everyone and does anyone have a copy of this game because I don't know why his page has been taken down for unknown reasons and Illy hasn't explained it. So please let me know.

Blackmoon Prophecy

Hi UPRC I saw your blogspot of your game Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy and I heard your winrar no longer supported it. Your game is still playable only by extraction to Winzip folder so just let anyone know your game can still be played. I played 21 minitues of it and it is really good by the quality of the graphics,story and gameplay. I wish you good luck into remaking it. Have a nice day UPRC!

Dragon Warrior Tactics

Where is your complete game and any update yet?

DragonBall Z: Saiyajin Legend

Is the game finished yet or is it in development hell?

Fields of Fire

I would like to test your game please?

Final Fantasy: The Phoenix Prophecies

Is your game fully complete yet or is it in development hell?

DQ Gaiden: A Starry Legend

Are you alive slimeborgi and is your game fully complete yet?

Old/Lost RpgMaker Games - SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Does anyone have any dragon quest and final fantasy fanmade rpgmaker2003 games? I am looking for a final fantasy 1 rpgmaker 2003 remake.
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