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The Maker of Dreams

i feel for the character in this story, everybody looked at me like i was insane - when i as a 7 year old boy - told my family that i was going to make video games for a living.

note that this was during the 8-bit era, so it was seen as a fad by some ppl, not the titanic, pop culture phenomenon that it has grown to be.

still i gotta say, 60 days to make a 10k profit game is a hell of an ultimatum, like as if he would've even made half that much working a 9 to 5 job, or two for that matter.

Akuma No Gakko

sounds awesome and anime inspired to boot, should be fun to give a go.

At Last Alone: Risen

a Tactics styled RPG? you had me at Tactics, there is so few times that we see Tactical RPGs in RPG Maker, gotta say there could be tons of games that would be suited to use this system.

sadly i run my RPG Maker games on a potato of a laptop, so i'll have to wait for the distant future to play this, but that wont stop me from downloading it and adding it to my collection.

Monigote Fantasy

please hurry up with the english version, it looks awesome and i so wanna play it, in fact how bout you message me when you have the english version finished? i'll be sure to download it the second i get the message. XD

Brutal's Challenge DeluXe

as a fan of Markiplier on Youtube, i will be looking forward to playing this game... just not on Hard Mode as i would not wish to throw my chair as he did recently. XD

Desolate City: The Bloody Dawn (Enhanced Edition)

this looks pretty tight, i'll be sure to give it a playthrough and review, glad that it's available in english as i know very little espanol.

Monster World RPG

i love the Monster World series, such an underrated gem of a franchise, hated whenever it veered away from it's roots but aside from that it was a solid franchise.

will be going into this hoping for a Monster World-esque adventure.

EDIT: OMG, that trailer was so awesome, you got me pumped from watching that, let alone hearing the Dragonball Z Budokai 3 Theme, loved that game to death and i always got pumped hearing that theme, well done!

Bella's Mansion: Director's Cut

i was very surprised to come back to this page and finding out that the original is being remade, i really liked the original so i'll be watching as you complete this "Director's Cut" version, still keeping the original for a comparison of course. :)

BlueSkies 2

i'll be watching this one closely, hopefully the sequel will be much better than the original, like Streets of Rage 2 on Genesis/Megadrive was compared to the first.
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