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BlueSkies Review

Hi TheGamingPaladin! Thanks so much for your honest feedback! I do admit it was a bit rushed as my very first time in RPG making haha! I forgot to put focus on consistence and quality that time. x( But all of your input are highly appreciated and will help me for future references on games that I make after this! :D

admittedly being 6 months late with my reply (internet problems, personal life and other factors distracting me) i will go about adding the .5 that i intended to add after realizing it was my bad that the music wasnt coming through.

either way, thank you for taking my blunt opinions with a dose of salt, because there was no offense intended, i just am blunt with what i'm trying to say, like a warhammer. lol

BlueSkies Review

ok, i was totally wrong about the Music being the author's fault, i have to apologize as i recently found out that i cant hear music on ANY RPGM2003 games...

so i bump my rating to 2 and a half, again sorry my bad...

Bella's Mansion Review

I thought that all reviews were supposed to be positive.

Anyways, I might have to check this one out someday.

you definitely should, it's a good one to play, like i said in the review though i wish there was an RE styled menu screen to look at when i wanted to stop and think.

also no, not all reviews are positive, they can be very negative, like how i tore into the Cry RPG Review, which was a horrid excuse for a game, let alone an RPG.

Dule Review

Thanks for the review. I do wish that Dule could have turned out better, but with the constraints of the event and my knowledge of gameplay design/writing (at the time) there wasn't much to be done about it.

it's ok, i understand what you was going through while making the game, still it was good for what it was, and i'm not one for short games so i dont make the best judge for them.

A Traitor's Hold Review

It's an awesome game, specially considering the time constraints :)

i agree wholeheartedly, for a game that was made in such a short amount of time, it's really good.
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