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Holy Crap, why are some Games so HUGE??

yeah, that's really tough to figure out, deleting even one song you weren't supposed to can crash the game, i guess you have to play the game through and make note of which songs you heard and delete what you didnt.

as for turning off RTP requirement, i dont know what you mean, the game downloads from most authors come with the RTP content included, i guess those of us who play and collect these games will have to simply play the games through and remove stuff that we didnt find, which is disheartening to think, cause that will be extremely difficult to pull off successfully.

Holy Crap, why are some Games so HUGE??

now i am not as clueless as i sound on the topic name, i know it has to be the majority of the music files or the fact that making the game "standalone" REALLY makes the game downloads excessive in size.

but what i am creating this topic for is to discuss how we can combat this, as well as talk about how we here at RMN need to raise RTP Awareness, so that we can start seeing smaller game file downloads.

because i know it's there to draw new people into RPG Maker, but i think by now everybody who plays RPG Maker has the RTP files installed onto their PCs, and a little RTP Awareness would serve everyone better.

now personally i have over 80 gigs of saved RPGs that i have yet to go through, cause i like to collect games, so i have them even when the downloads become unavailable for any reason. *coughs* Cease & Desisting Fan Games *coughs*

so let's talk about raising RTP Awareness and if you would kindly HELP ME LOWER THESE FILE SIZES, i would appreciate it, i really need the help...

(my apologies for the caps lock segment, i only do those in circumstances that emphasize my distress.

Is RTP bad?

to me, the RTP is only bad when ppl would rather use that, than put in any effort making their own custom stuff and creating a unique experience.

so often the RTP assets are used out of laziness, rather than purpose, and while it isnt wrong to rely on it for your first game and whatnot, it all depends on context, and should never be made commercial, unless you put in a lot of your own work.

script work by writing the story, adding events and so on isnt enough to give you the right to financially profit from RPG maker.

Net Neutrality FCC Vote

Net Neutrality FCC vote is one more topic that shows that our government is not here for us, but for themselves, which goes against the declaration of independence itself, for our government was built by our founding fathers BY the people, OF the people, FOR the people!

honestly if i was president i would fire everyone of their sorry asses and hire new guys and gals who are willing to serve the people rather than serve themselves.

The Maker of Dreams

i feel for the character in this story, everybody looked at me like i was insane - when i as a 7 year old boy - told my family that i was going to make video games for a living.

note that this was during the 8-bit era, so it was seen as a fad by some ppl, not the titanic, pop culture phenomenon that it has grown to be.

still i gotta say, 60 days to make a 10k profit game is a hell of an ultimatum, like as if he would've even made half that much working a 9 to 5 job, or two for that matter.

Akuma No Gakko

sounds awesome and anime inspired to boot, should be fun to give a go.

At Last Alone: Risen

a Tactics styled RPG? you had me at Tactics, there is so few times that we see Tactical RPGs in RPG Maker, gotta say there could be tons of games that would be suited to use this system.

sadly i run my RPG Maker games on a potato of a laptop, so i'll have to wait for the distant future to play this, but that wont stop me from downloading it and adding it to my collection.

Monigote Fantasy

please hurry up with the english version, it looks awesome and i so wanna play it, in fact how bout you message me when you have the english version finished? i'll be sure to download it the second i get the message. XD

Brutal's Challenge DeluXe

as a fan of Markiplier on Youtube, i will be looking forward to playing this game... just not on Hard Mode as i would not wish to throw my chair as he did recently. XD

Desolate City: The Bloody Dawn (Enhanced Edition)

this looks pretty tight, i'll be sure to give it a playthrough and review, glad that it's available in english as i know very little espanol.