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with that being said, do not be offended if i do not answer quickly, i am simply a busy man, with a lot on my to-do list, and not nearly enough time to do it all...



Monster World RPG

i love the Monster World series, such an underrated gem of a franchise, hated whenever it veered away from it's roots but aside from that it was a solid franchise.

will be going into this hoping for a Monster World-esque adventure.

EDIT: OMG, that trailer was so awesome, you got me pumped from watching that, let alone hearing the Dragonball Z Budokai 3 Theme, loved that game to death and i always got pumped hearing that theme, well done!

Bella's Mansion: Director's Cut

i was very surprised to come back to this page and finding out that the original is being remade, i really liked the original so i'll be watching as you complete this "Director's Cut" version, still keeping the original for a comparison of course. :)

BlueSkies Review

Hi TheGamingPaladin! Thanks so much for your honest feedback! I do admit it was a bit rushed as my very first time in RPG making haha! I forgot to put focus on consistence and quality that time. x( But all of your input are highly appreciated and will help me for future references on games that I make after this! :D

admittedly being 6 months late with my reply (internet problems, personal life and other factors distracting me) i will go about adding the .5 that i intended to add after realizing it was my bad that the music wasnt coming through.

either way, thank you for taking my blunt opinions with a dose of salt, because there was no offense intended, i just am blunt with what i'm trying to say, like a warhammer. lol

BlueSkies Review

ok, i was totally wrong about the Music being the author's fault, i have to apologize as i recently found out that i cant hear music on ANY RPGM2003 games...

so i bump my rating to 2 and a half, again sorry my bad...

BlueSkies 2

i'll be watching this one closely, hopefully the sequel will be much better than the original, like Streets of Rage 2 on Genesis/Megadrive was compared to the first.

Owl Quest

Sorry it's taking so long, I've got a whole lot going on right now. But I'm still looking at getting it out real soon!

it's all right Gredge109, dont worry about how long it's taking, just make sure you get it done right, i REALLY do not want to give this game a bad review, as i LOVE Monster Raising gameplay, whether it's Digimon, Pokemon, Monster Rancher, etc.


i'm playing the "complete" version right now, and i'm getting zero music (quite a ways in game and still nothing) anybody else having this issue?

[RMMV] Can i Make a Forum Post about a Game that i am working on? and if so, where?

It's fine to make a thread asking about feedback for your game idea whilst still in the planning part. It's when you start throwing around screenshots or talking the game up to potential players that it's considered advertising.

ah ok, that makes sense, i mean i wouldnt INTEND on it being advertising, but i can see how it would look like that.

[RMMV] Can i Make a Forum Post about a Game that i am working on? and if so, where?

thank you very much for the quick response, i'll definitely do #3 when i got something to show, as for right now it really is in R&D. (AKA the planning section)