Gamer, Youtuber, Foodie, Rock & Metal Fan, i am all these things and more, anyone wanting to know more? you are welcome to ask, shoot me a PM and i will get back to you in between reviewing content or playing games.

with that being said, do not be offended if i do not answer quickly, i am simply a busy man, with a lot on my to-do list, and not nearly enough time to do it all...



[RMMV] Can i Make a Forum Post about a Game that i am working on? and if so, where?

i am asking as i want to talk about games that i am working on without breaking the rules, especially since i forgot about them in my months offline.

so any help with answering this would be awesome, and much appreciated.

Your Avatar

my Avatar is from World of Warcraft, my favorite MMO, the Paladin was my first and IS my fave class in the game, it is a part of me and that is why i made it my Avatar. :)

Bella's Mansion Review

I thought that all reviews were supposed to be positive.

Anyways, I might have to check this one out someday.

you definitely should, it's a good one to play, like i said in the review though i wish there was an RE styled menu screen to look at when i wanted to stop and think.

also no, not all reviews are positive, they can be very negative, like how i tore into the Cry RPG Review, which was a horrid excuse for a game, let alone an RPG.

[Poll] Let's Talk About Phantasy Star

i am a big Phantasy Star fan, as PS1 was my very first RPG back when i was playing on my Sega Master System.

ever since playing that game i loved the series (cept PS3 cause imo that game is HORRIBLE, especially after playing PS2!) it was basically PS1 that sparked my love for RPGs, which brings me to this site and the forums. XD

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

i'm working on my first game as part of a trilogy, since this is my first game i am forcing myself to only use the basic RTP resources on MV, then in the sequel i can use community made resources on top of the RTP and finally on the third game i can use plugins along with everything else.

also i'm thinking of creating a remake of the trilogy along with a 4th game and sell the special edition on steam, with achieves and other goodies.

Bella's Mansion

ooh, i'm a quiver of anticipation, challenge accepted, for i may not be a gaming god, but i am a gaming Paladin! i shall one day defeat NIGHTMARE! XD

and i'll review the game as well, so yeah! lol

Owl Quest

subscribed! i'm a sucker for monster collecting games, Pokemon, Dragon Quest Monsters, Monster Rancher, etc.

Dule Review

Thanks for the review. I do wish that Dule could have turned out better, but with the constraints of the event and my knowledge of gameplay design/writing (at the time) there wasn't much to be done about it.

it's ok, i understand what you was going through while making the game, still it was good for what it was, and i'm not one for short games so i dont make the best judge for them.


cool, a Yu-Gi-Oh! game, i have a Yu-Gi-Oh! game idea on the back burner, as it requires tons of custom sprites.

Sewer Edits

nice, should be useful when creating a sewer dungeon, will be sure to give credit where credit is due.