Gamer, Youtuber, Foodie, Rock & Metal Fan, i am all these things and more, anyone wanting to know more? you are welcome to ask, shoot me a PM and i will get back to you in between reviewing content or playing games.

with that being said, do not be offended if i do not answer quickly, i am simply a busy man, with a lot on my to-do list, and not nearly enough time to do it all...



Quick Question, topic is Submissions...

An extremely small number of such games have been posted by the head admin of RMN. Send kentona a private message explaining the situation in detail.

roger that, thank you for your timely response, i'll PM the admin right away.

Quick Question, topic is Submissions...

if you have a game in your possession that you would like to see hosted on the site, but the original creator is MIA or Dead/Retired, can you post it if you give full credit that it isnt your own work?

i have such a submission, it's an RM2k3 Masterpiece, and i'd like to see it preserved rather than slowly fade into the darkness...

so plz tell me if it's okay, if so i will stick it in my dropbox and link it for one and all. :)

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

so how's RPG Maker MV working out for everyone? i just got it and wondering if ppl are liking it much, or if ppl think it sucks, either way i'd love to hear about it. XD
> Features like altering battle text, changing fonts and your game icon, and stuff that was kind of "hidden" in VXAce are much more intuitive to work with.

> Mapping is slightly better than Ace or VX in its ability to infinitely layer the tile B (good for easily creating overlaps between objects like trees without doing some eventing magic).

> The plugin system makes dumping custom scripts into your project easier and manageable. The engine even provides its own plugins to help give your game an alternate look in some areas (like the status screen).

> Built-in Mouse support, and the ability to port games onto the web makes it easier to get your games playable to an audience who doesn't own RPG maker.

> You can copy your assets directly into the folder and the engine will automatically update itself with those assets while it's running. Even better, deleting the default RTP is as simple as just going into your folder and deleting the files from your project, so no more hacking stuff to get rid of RTP! :D

> Higher resolution keeps up with the times, if that's a plus for you.

> Ability to switch between side-view and front view battles by default... but it comes with a caveat (see the cons).

> Better character generator, with actually good artwork and posing options for character graphics.

> Lack of an importer in place of the real-time thing I mentioned. It matters in that things like setting alpha channels/background transparencies on graphics has to be done outside of the maker before copying it in, slowing down the workflow a bit.

> While mapping system took a step forward as I mentioned, it also took a step backwards by ruining shift-mapping. Instead of taking the centerpiece of an autotile, it takes the last autotile graphic you selected while mapping, making an already tedious process even more clunky. In case you aren't taking the cues well, this mapping system still isn't as good as XP.

> Testplaying has many instances of lag and delay, primarily noticeable when you are trying to access the menu screen, and apparently controller/joypad support disables itself for some reason. Probably the worst instances of delays happen with web-exports of games you make. It adds as much loading times to every map as a PS1 RPG.

> Speaking of exporting to web, be warned, it's already been proven that the engine doesn't encrypt any of your assets per map, so any entry-level hacker can gain a copy of your resources right as the game is running.

> The addition of side-view is nice, but if you used RM2003, prepare to be disappointed. All it does is call a separate folder for side-view battlers, add weapon animations and character battler animations... and nothing else. There is no real control over the actor battler animations like in rm2k3, and monster battlers are static. So yeah, even though it's advertised as a big feature, don't be fooled into thinking it's anything great.

> The animation editor was reworked into something that feels even worse to use than in previous engines, AND it seems to play a reduced framerate by comparison. Considering I don't even know anyone who thought the previous battle animation editors needed fixing, this is kind of a fail.

> The increased resolution comes with an increase in tile size, 48x48. It's not too big of a deal if you work with high-res stuff anyway, but even the default RTP looks kind of uglier when blown up like that.

> Ultimately, if not for the countless plugins people have already made that vastly improves the engine's limitations, this is pretty much VXAce.5. It's features would have been impressive if VX or Ace didn't exist, but they do. But yeah, I'll let you be the judge of it all from here.

thx for the input, it's my first OWNED RPG Maker Engine since having 1 & 2 on the Playstation back in the day, otherwise i've not owned an engine since, but since MV came out, i figured i'd jump into that and see what i can produce with it.

that being said, i'm sorry to hear about the Cons, but as active as the RMN community is, i'm sure that it wont be too long before MV exceeds the abilities of VX Ace. :)

btw are you a Delcatty or something? your avatar screams that particular Pokemon to me.

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

so how's RPG Maker MV working out for everyone? i just got it and wondering if ppl are liking it much, or if ppl think it sucks, either way i'd love to hear about it. XD

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

hello, i'm thinking about making an RPG about myself and my personal life with a little TRON-esque twist, meaning i get a new game console to try out, only to be pulled into the console, while a program within the console tries to take over my life.

i call it RNG, which is a gamer term of course, and also goes along the random plot, by all means tell me whatcha think.

Newbie Question, Along With MV Discussion.

thx for that, i will be sure to post in the appropriate areas, thank you.

Newbie Question, Along With MV Discussion.

so hey, i got a question, where do i post when i wanna pitch my game idea in regards to my first work alone project? didnt know if i was to submit it as a WIP or what, so i figured it would be best to ask and not trouble the moderators with having to move/delete posts.

also i just got RPG Maker MV, how are things going for you guys, is it as good as i think it is? i know the resolution is enhanced, and there seems to be a sprite generator for newbies like myself that are new to spriting.

HAIL, Fellow RPG Lovers! :)

just wanted to say hi and that i Joined up a couple days ago (been on a download binge) and to say that i am a content creator, so you can expect me to contribute reviews, games, commentary, friendly conversation, and (god willing) money to keep this beautiful site up and running.

i am TheGamingPaladin, and i have much to do, HYAH! *rides off on my summoned charger.* (yes i am a WoW fan, sue me. XD ) needs your help (again)!

DAMN, i wish i could help, i guarantee you though if i start getting some $ flow going, i'll be sure to support RMN.
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