Gamer, Youtuber, Foodie, Rock & Metal Fan, i am all these things and more, anyone wanting to know more? you are welcome to ask, shoot me a PM and i will get back to you in between reviewing content or playing games.

with that being said, do not be offended if i do not answer quickly, i am simply a busy man, with a lot on my to-do list, and not nearly enough time to do it all...


Pizzeria Simulator, what Engine works BEST?

honestly, i come to you with this because i had an epiphany... ever since Scott Cawthon of FNAF fame released the Free-to-Play Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, i asked myself... "dude, why hasnt there been a pizzeria sim like this? it's like nobody jumped on the idea before."

i'm like... it could be a total blast to play a serious pizzeria sim, where you build-up your own Pizzeria, create a mascot, and monopolize the market.

and you know what? if nobody else is gonna jump on this, then I WILL, cause it sounds as fun as Theme Park and Theme Hospital of it's time back in the day.

but before i even get to putting this into my R&D process - that's Research & Development for those who dunno - i need to know what game engine would be best to develop a simulation game like that?

please comment below which engine you think would be best, and feel free to comment about my idea, feedback will be appreciated.

Holy Crap, why are some Games so HUGE??

now i am not as clueless as i sound on the topic name, i know it has to be the majority of the music files or the fact that making the game "standalone" REALLY makes the game downloads excessive in size.

but what i am creating this topic for is to discuss how we can combat this, as well as talk about how we here at RMN need to raise RTP Awareness, so that we can start seeing smaller game file downloads.

because i know it's there to draw new people into RPG Maker, but i think by now everybody who plays RPG Maker has the RTP files installed onto their PCs, and a little RTP Awareness would serve everyone better.

now personally i have over 80 gigs of saved RPGs that i have yet to go through, cause i like to collect games, so i have them even when the downloads become unavailable for any reason. *coughs* Cease & Desisting Fan Games *coughs*

so let's talk about raising RTP Awareness and if you would kindly HELP ME LOWER THESE FILE SIZES, i would appreciate it, i really need the help...

(my apologies for the caps lock segment, i only do those in circumstances that emphasize my distress.

[RMMV] Can i Make a Forum Post about a Game that i am working on? and if so, where?

i am asking as i want to talk about games that i am working on without breaking the rules, especially since i forgot about them in my months offline.

so any help with answering this would be awesome, and much appreciated.

Quick Question, topic is Submissions...

if you have a game in your possession that you would like to see hosted on the site, but the original creator is MIA or Dead/Retired, can you post it if you give full credit that it isnt your own work?

i have such a submission, it's an RM2k3 Masterpiece, and i'd like to see it preserved rather than slowly fade into the darkness...

so plz tell me if it's okay, if so i will stick it in my dropbox and link it for one and all. :)

Newbie Question, Along With MV Discussion.

so hey, i got a question, where do i post when i wanna pitch my game idea in regards to my first work alone project? didnt know if i was to submit it as a WIP or what, so i figured it would be best to ask and not trouble the moderators with having to move/delete posts.

also i just got RPG Maker MV, how are things going for you guys, is it as good as i think it is? i know the resolution is enhanced, and there seems to be a sprite generator for newbies like myself that are new to spriting.

HAIL, Fellow RPG Lovers! :)

just wanted to say hi and that i Joined up a couple days ago (been on a download binge) and to say that i am a content creator, so you can expect me to contribute reviews, games, commentary, friendly conversation, and (god willing) money to keep this beautiful site up and running.

i am TheGamingPaladin, and i have much to do, HYAH! *rides off on my summoned charger.* (yes i am a WoW fan, sue me. XD )
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