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[RMVX ACE] Lunar styled side view battle system compatible with YEA Steal Items script

Does anyone know of any or have any good side view battle systems similar to the Lunar series that would be compatible with Yanflys VXAce steal item ability? I am currently using Theo Allen’s sbs and kaduki movement to try to emulate it but the steal ability isn’t working right with it. Thanks in advance. =)

[RMMV] [RM2K3] [NSFW] Destructible clothes/equipment

I'm thinking of making ero games with 2k3 and or MV and one of the features/mechanics I had in mind was having equipment clothes with durability points/hp that would get destroyed after a while and would have the sprite be in underwear or naked once the current armor was destroyed. What would be the simplest or most effective way to implement something like that? Thanks in advance.

[RM2K3] In need of a subway station and train car map for my project

Does anybody know of any good subway looking tileset for RM2K3? I need a good map of a subway and the train car for my current theme roulette project. The character is meant to get on a train and find himself transported to another time/world. I need a subway to act as the main hub/portal to different settings of the game. Thank you in advance. =)

[RMMV] [RMVX ACE] [RMXP] Stay at Home Sale and resources for SNES and PS1 style JRPGs

I am interested in designing and creating old school JRPGs like FF6,Chrono Trigger, Lunar and the likes. I just noticed RMweb has a Stay at Home Sale with everything at least 60% off. For my own personal style of preferred games I think DS, FES, and Time Fantasy are the most pertinent to my interests. But I was also wondering if anyone here had any packs or resources they would recommend for people interested in designing those sort of old JRPGs? Thank you to all replies in advance. =)

[RMMV] "Stun" status

I am in need of a status effect that prevents an enemy from moving/acting on his turn for X rounds, in short he loses a turn or X number of turns while the status is in effect. Its a separate or custom effect from paralyzed,asleep,frozen etc. Does anyone know if its possible to implement such a thing or if a plug in already exists for it? Thank you in advanced. :)

[RMMV] Looking for resource packs

Does anybody know of any tilesets, character or sprite packs, icon sets, music packs or resource packs in general; that are similar to they style found in Lunar the Silver Star Story Complete and or Chrono Trigger? The game idea I have in mind and am working is heavily inspired by both games and need something that at least comes fairly close to matching those styles. I am not opposed to purchasing material off Steam or the RMweb site if need be. Thanks in advance for any help.

[RMMV] [RMVX ACE] [REQUEST] Looking for FREE touch up artist

I don't imagine I'll get many if any takers but figure it wouldn't hurt to try at least. Like the title says I am in need of a free touch up artist for characters of my current RPG project. I will be doing most of the work myself. I just need someone with a tablet, Photoshop or an equivalent, and time on their hands. If I wasn't broke I would buy a tablet and attempt to do it myself. I will provide examples of my sketches of the MCs ive done so far below as well as the style I am aiming for. If anyone would possibly be interested, kindly reply to this topic. If you'd like to know more about my project send me a PM. Thanks in advance. :)

[RMVX ACE] Free Music Composition Software

Which of the free music composition software would the composers on this site say are the best for making custom tracks for RM projects- LLMS or Rosegarden? I found a site listing those at the number one and number three spots, and would like a second opinion before I download anything.

[RMVX ACE] Help with Map creation/tileset importing-ripping

I need help importing tilesets from a game into vx ace for my Lunar Fan Game. Or using said tilesets to create maps. Here are two examples of what I have in mind:

These will be the starting area and first dungeon. I am a total noob at game design, so I may need a step by step or very clear instructions. ^_^;;;

I would greatly appreciate any and all help in either putting them in vx Ace's database for use or ripping/using for creating my own maps. Thank you. :D

[RMVX ACE] Sidekick characters

In Lunar Silver Star Story and Lunar 2 Eternal Blue you have a little young Dragon sidekick character that would either attack enemies for you at the end of your turn or occasionally ressurect a fallen party member depending on the game. What I would like to know is if this would be possible with RM or not and if yes, if anybody would have any good ideas or suggestions for implementing it. Thanks to all in advance for your help.
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