[RM2k3] Any way to change damage attribute of basic enemy 'Attack' command?

You could do something along the lines of removing the attack command in the monster tab and creating skills for each monsters basic attack. Gives you options like 'Wolf bites' instead of 'wolf attacks' as well.

Hope this helps a little and will double check this is possible in a min (pretty sure I'm doing this atm).

Discussing Original Classes

I've been messing about with an idea the last few weeks to do with classes, not sure how its gonna turn out though.

Basically, the weapons in your characters hands (shields included) make up your 'class' for example a sword and shield combo makes you the 'knight class' whilst two empty hands makes you a 'martialist' etc.

Each class has a different focus, for example, delaying enemy attacks to get more of your own in, parrying and blocking, or simply rushing in for the kill.

Along with this each class will have a slightly different way of playing, eg/ dual swords has a momentum counter which increases as you attack but stops if you block too much, or a the archer will be able to retreat out of range to buy some time for attacking.

It's not a complete idea yet but it's all about making the classes feel different from each other.

Also with this method you can have your character swap weapons to alter the playstyle to their needs as the battle progresses.

Saving and Save States

I prefer not to let players save anywhere because I've always had to rage quit loads of games because I saved in a stupid place.

That said with a 'save point' kind of system you can tell the player that something big is coming up, or simply say 'you finished that hard ass boss/puzzle, have a save so you don't do it again.

With save anywhere such as in pokemon they have a lot of things in place to stop you saving in inescapable places such as dig, fly and escape ropes, as well as 'death' not returning you to the last save, but just continuing the flow of the game, always useful when I was a kid and had to save on the fly cos my parents where raging at me for playing too much xD

Survival in RPGs: Hunger, ammo, sleep and porn withdrawal.

The DC weapon durability could also be taken into account in a survival setting for both weapons and tools, used your lockpick too much? It's gonna break. Could be interesting.

How can I get some of the older engines?

I don't know about MOTW or other rmxp/vx games, but with games that run on the older 2000/2003 engines you can use f4 to change between fullscreen and back

I need an outside opinion

Anything you want to do is possible really as most people said, and I don't personally think it makes too much difference which engine you use (although the newer ones will provide a more up to date and powerful engine), that said I use 2k/3 most of the time because I can't be arsed to learn rgss.

CBSs are actually quite simple if you understand the basics and plan it out before hand so you don't have to try and slot extra things in that you forgot, I might write a tutorial on them in the next few weeks depending on my mood.

Demons/Dark Souls and hard as shit games.

So I bought it yesterday for my 360 and played for 12 hours (hate having too much time off work xD)

What I like about Dark Souls is that the difficulty of the whole game is based around your skill as a player and your ability to utilize the mechanics of the game to defeat your opponents.

On the other hand with the Cod:WaW (not an rpg I know) campaign, hoist it up to veteran and all it does is send infinite waves of enemies that one shot you when you pop out of cover and don't stop until you creep forward enough.

Guess I'm kind of saying the ability to adjust difficulty is useless if the way the difficulty of the game works doesn't work well with the mechanics of the game and relies on luck just as much as it does skill.

That said Dark Souls isn't as hard as I would have gathered from the internet going apeshit about it, normal mode of ninja gaiden 2 was just as difficult.

Demons/Dark Souls and hard as shit games.

Played an hour or so of Dark Souls on my friends xbox the other day, going to go out and pick it up next time I'm off work.

Survival in RPGs: Hunger, ammo, sleep and porn withdrawal.

That idea is now mine, also I think the parrot might have killed people, look at his eyes.

You could totally have it instead of a game over screen, you just end up locked in dolan's house until you quit the game, with a forced save overwrite as you teleport in.

Side view battles: any real point?

If I had to pick a favorite perspective it'd be that 3/4 angle that's used in games like Suikoden or Breath of Fire 2. That's a difficult angle to draw and animate at, though. It's easier to visualize motion in sideview and adapt it into a sprite.
This is how I've always felt as well. In my opinion, it gives you the best view of the action.

Kind of like the original 2 Golden Sun games? Maybe 3, never played it.

Also my preference is to have the characters visible but that's basically it, a graphical difference, you can make the battles play the same whether or not you actually display your characters and as has been said if you don't display them there's no need for consistency with your in game graphics, or making monsters the appropriate size for your player battlers.

I do kind of wonder what the overall preference is between small, animated sprite battlers vs. big, non-animated picture battlers. Since that's something I could see going both ways. And it applies to enemies just as much as to party members.

I prefer animated battlers myself, although a back view of bigger non animated characters in a Pokemon style could be pulled off pretty nicely.