Cast Aside

This game is fantastic but sometimes during combat when I hit spacebar it hangs.

Any Three the Hard Way Walkthough?

That's really cool, dude! Looking forward to more ;)

Any Three the Hard Way Walkthough?

Whoa! :o That's really impressive, good job!

Any Three the Hard Way Walkthough?

Just wondering... who the hell is Red Arrow? :-\ At first I thought it was an indication of a sequel and some unanswered questions and mysteries would unfold in it. But unfortunately, that's not to be :'( iishenron, if you are reading this, please consider making TTHW 2 as there many fans dying to get back to their favourite characters. This game is so loved even after all these years is proof enough. It's really popular even among newer RPG players who would actually prefer XP & VX but love TTHW for its really intriguing plot, characters, great dialogues, etc.

TTHW is one of the best RPG's I've ever played. It rivals many of the commercial games too in terms of storyline and characterisation. I enjoyed it so much that I didn't stop until I had checked out all 3 paths and defeated all 7 Kaibutsu Lords ;D And Shadowblade, a walkthrough would be great! Many would be grateful to you for it :)

Any Three the Hard Way Walkthough?

Does anyone know how to translate Anderson's parchment which you receive while trying to prove his innocence at Erhardt? I've been really curious about Anderson's past...

The Longing Ribbon

I downloaded from the link you provided but got an error- cannot open ribbon_zip

Can someone help me on Three the Hard Way?

Also I would like to collect all those Grimorum pages and rune tablet fragments. Does anyone remember where they are? Thanks!

Can someone help me on Three the Hard Way?

I am stuck in that crystal puzzle in kure ruins where I have to switch places of the is bit of a maze which I can't sort out. Can somebody help me please? I would really love to beat Ramseur...thanks in advance.

Help with Legacies of Dondoran please?

How do I defeat the commander of the army in the siege of the castle? It's in like act 2 or something. Please help!! :(
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