I've been toying with RPG maker programs for almost 12 years now, and my favorite is still RPG Maker 2000, although I know there's a fair amount of reason to switch up. I use XP once in a while, though I've not done much with anything after that. I'd like to think of myself as pretty skilled with the program, with a pretty vast understanding of the event system.

I've never submitted anything I've made online until now, though I've made countless 5-hour gameplay dungeon crawlers, nothing too substantial. I'm attempting to break that bubble for a lot of reasons. Mostly boredom.

I'm currently working on what I'm hoping will turn into a vast and expansive project of a good, open-world simulation game built entirely with RPG Maker 2000. If you'd like to get involved, give my demo a try, and then shoot me a message!
Untitled Sim Game Demo [...
An open-world Simulation game.


Filter needs your help (again)!

What if I were, say, to donate the entire $150? What kind of benefits would I get? And this is a serious-ish question.

You Are Not The Hero! Review

While I have to say this is a well-written review, and you did a good job of being unbiased, and this is just my opinion, but wouldn't it make more sense for the game to be completed before posting a review of it?

Also, for the sake not spoiling what's happened in the game so far, you should take that out. You gave away a whole lot.


Sana, I loved the reference :P But it's not really anything like that. You should give it a shot if you haven't yet! It's great so far.

You Are Not The Hero!

Sounds good to me!

You Are Not The Hero!

Well, I'm pretty good at figuring out difficult event scripting. I'm not too good at doing graphics, I'm more of a "do what you tell me" worker. I'd even be willing to be a tester, if that's all you need!

You Are Not The Hero!

Man, I sincerely doubt you could lose my interest! I know this might be a longshot, but is there any way at all that I can get in on the creation, or anything with this? I would love that!

You Are Not The Hero!

This game is entertaining as hell, I haven't had a whole lot of time to dedicate to it yet, but I'm 2 chapters in, and I thought I'd post and say, definitely keep it up!

You Are Not The Hero!

Woo! Demo! I'll edit this message or post a new one when I play what you have, I'm excited.

You Are Not The Hero!

This sounds really intriguing. It's a more refined concept of things I've seen in the past. Count me as a subscriber.

[Poll] Feedback for an Idea

I would be interested in trying either of these games. I feel like I don't have anything to say or suggestions to make that aren't said. So if you ever get around to it, it's intriguing to me.
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