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A surreal, exploration, horror RPG. Travel between new (old) worlds and uncover new (old) mysteries with your new (old) friends! ♥
The Age of Deliverance
A story-driven adventure at the end of the world
Queen Mary's Script Reto...
An adventure game detailing the story of Mary and her newfound doll.
Pom Gets Wi-Fi
A pomeranian's quest for wi-fi.
Ink Travellers - Present...
Travel through your books to find the ultimate birthday pressent!
The Brief and Meaningles...
Save the world because we told you to.
Blank Dream
A young girl commits suicides only to find herself alive... or is she?
Dreaming Mary
The adventure through a girl's final dream.
Uzi's Drugged Adventure ...
After getting high, Uzi falls into one of her delusional states. But this time her mind has plans for her. It wants her to remember that which she had forced herself to forget.
Clock of Atonement
Manipulate time to save a girl
The Witch's House
Are you ready to die a lot? I promise you will die a lot in this game.
Ghost Party
A lonely ghost who collects items and tries to help people.
A young girl named Ib visits an art gallery with her parents. While observing the many exhibits, she suddenly realizes she is alone.