A player of almost every Rpgmaker2000/2003 game ever made (in english, italian, spanish, japanese, russian and german), fond of drawing (from portraits to pixel art), writing, rpgs (tabletop, crpg and jrpg) and fantasy addict (including Final fantasy, of course).

Review Vote Guidelines:
1/1.5 - so horribile I will not mention it. No one would like this trash.
2/2.5 - bad but with some good qualities or good
but with many bad flaws. Could have been worse and some people may like it anyway.
3/3.5 - from decent to good games. This is what I normally expect: entertainment. Some people may like it more, others less but it's ok!
4/4.5 - exceeded my expectations. These are must play for everyone.
5 - Rpgmaker Nirvana

*NOTE*: event games/jam submissions and other games that were developed in a very short time or with other restrictions get a rating bonus (usually +0,5), you are warned!

Top 3 Favourites Japanese Rmk Games
1 Psycho Platoon (and Psycho Platoon Final, by Bokki Guy)
2 Aberrant (1 & 2)
3 D. Doomsday Door

Top 3 Favourites German Rmk Games
1 Die Reise Ins All
2 Gods of Ashes
3 Alter

Top 3 Favourites French Rmk Games
1 Omega Cerberus
2 Travelers of Time
3 Dyhortfight

Top 3 Favourites Italian Rmk Games
1 Fifth Era, fragments of the Holy Stone
2 Karma Flow
3 Skydancer

Top 3 Favourites Russian Rmk Games
1 Warrior Saga (including Warrior Saga Hot Road)
2 Huperternal
3 K.A.M.R.A.D.

Other miscellanous games :: a playlist on

other games I played and liked!

Time for Games
A comedic romp through a mysterious dimension
A dungeon crawler about terrorism, morality, and what makes us who we are.
Exodus - Escape Fort Bul...
Be the saviour of imprisoned comrades and uncover the dark secrets behind Fort Bullwark.
A dream-exploration game set in the future.
Magic Quest Series
Magic Quest
Astronomer & Witch
Short-story RPG with unique, celestial mechanics!
Maven, an elf girl's incredible adventure of love and vengeance.
The Quest of Dude
Remake of Dude's Adventure (RM95)
Mumu's Soup Adventure
You can run but you can't hide...
Super Princess Daphne
A platformer starring one angry princess.
Ouroboros: The Sacrifice
Go home and die trying.
Will you ever return?
Death, Inferno and a revisiting.
a game about a young girl leaving her hometown
A Unity/Ocean swap event game!
A free-roam, turn-based, modern-day themed RPG Maker game.
Monster Hunters: Frost G...
A story of a monster hunting family and their journey
Trapped Remake
Help a criminal elf escape from a dark maze full of dangers.
The Kindly King
RPG Questing and Castle Builder game
Incitement 2
A sci-fi adventure sequel
Grace's Diary
A visual novel + point and click adventure. You control as Grace, a highschool girl who is worried that her friend, Natalie, might be in an abusive relationship.
Doggy Dinner Time
Dinner for my pet!
Re & Apophis
An RPG, which takes place in ancient Egypt.
A more mature and light-hearted version of semi-anthology video game based on stageplays by Dr. Joem Antonio
A monster-training turn-based RPG inspired by Pokemon Nuzlocke
Wilfred the Hero, Part 1
Innovative RPG with 100% custom-assets, including graphics, music, and gameplay systems.
It'll Look Great On Your...
Half tricky platformer about managing gravity, half visual novel about a job interview.
The "monochromatic" game
Super Talking Time Bros ...
Guide Mario and friends through two games developed by the people at Talking Time! Double the Mario and double the fun!
Super Coolgame! Just Kid...
Lighthearted game with four girls in the forest.
The Seventh Door
A supernatural thriller-noir adventure game.
Liberators of Gobagov
Rule your own kingdom
Mission Whaled
Whale Worshipers on a mission.
Cope Island (IGMC Versio...
Take a chance to better one's self.
SaGa 4: Masters of the D...
A spiritual successor to the Final Fantasy Legend gameboy RPGs
Short action-puzzle game made for TAPE#1 Jam in 2 weeks.
I'll Defeat the Monster ...
Search for three items needed to teleport and defeat a dangerous monster at the behest of a lazy witch!
Aida's Bizarre Halloween
A fun halloween adventure game with a bit of gore.
Games Journo Story
The world's first games-journalism-journalism-game-that-isn't-really-a-game.
Tears of Reality complet...
Reality is not what exists around us, but what we can shape and make into our world...
Girl's Graveyard: Redux
Sweet... Like candy.
Butterfly's Keep
What is the scientific definition of a soul?
Ruthless Smile
An episodic story about humans and Gods and the cruel world they face.
Red Trees
A young girl is on a quest to discover what's lurking in the woods!
Hetalia Unawakened
Things are not what they seem.
Help a robotic Santa Claus to hide present and solve puzzles!
work or die
A place and people left behind. A shrine to a forgotten god. A fight to leave or stay.
You cant save the world... but maybe you can save yourself.
Legend of Lagoda | A SNE...
A JRPG game in the style of Dragon Quest IV, Lunar, and Chrono Trigger.
"The reason for my descent is valid~"
A cop investigates a cult connected to a case of missing children.
A short rpg about making the big time
Listen - Just a game.
The puppetman is a creature that wanders the earth, unseen by almost everybody who is not close to death, but always ignored.
Villain RPG
A crime-'em-up 20 years in the making
My Computer Wants To Eat...
Hunt disks in your dreams for a hungry computer
The Village Demon
A long story-oriented game dealing with an omnipotent being and the repercussions.
Strife of Cosmos
Science Fantasy Wave Battle RPG
Close Your Eyes: Redux
Through a stroke of sheer luck, you've managed to escape death row. Taking to an underground subway, you must try to find your salvation. Can you break free of the past that binds you?
Alone in the Dark
The 1992 survival horror classic in its RPGMaker Edition
Realms of Arcanum: Gener...
Uncover the secrets of the realm of Septria in a fantasy role-playing game with an extensive class and battle system and a rich storyline.
MANOS: The Hands of Fate
A young couple seeks refuge inside an old motel, but what they soon discover is something neither of them had ever anticipated.
Cold Rest
A more unusual ice siding puzzle game.
Nightmare of The Snow 雪の...
From a cold ritual, a freezing curse was born... ~寒い転生から、氷結呪いが誕生~
My Little League Team wa...
Just trying to retrieve a baseball, children uncover an alien invasion plot!
Entering the world of internet communities can be a frustrating experience.
Akuma No Gakko
Akuma No Gakko (Devil's School)
Captain Buck on Planet A...
Enjoy fun exploration with Captain Buck on the friendly Planet Arkenshape
Stars Walkers
A game about life, death and beyond.
Resident Evil 1.5 Z (Dem...
A "reimagining" of Capcom's well-known series, mix with some 80s
Do not to get hit by car XTREME
Saving the Planet: 90's ...
Captain Planet, without the Captain
A RPG with different plot paths
The Beauty's Nightmares
My submission for the Twisted Fairy Tales event
Sneks and Demons
Maze runner 8-bit arcade game with social high scores.
A short but witty adventure game in which you help a potion maker get to his shop.
Will Island
The SMBX 2.0 episode that has all the good levels I have made.
Tales of Aldore - Dragon...
Looking for a way out (A procura por uma saída)
Dream of gluttony
Take a walk in a cute Food Town, make some friends and play with them! Only if you aren't human of course...
Dark Mirror
2013 All Hallows' Event Game!
An experience that will change your vision of the afterlife forever.
Zombie Survivor X
Pick from 4 characters and escape a city full of zombies
In the Shadow of Ganymed...
A short story about doomed space colonists.
Draug's Resurrection
Control an undead warlord in its nonlinear quest to regain control of its soul.
A girl wandering in and trying to get out of a house.
The Visitor
Short Horror made for contest.
Finding Chibae
Three small children explore a cave to find a legend
False Rebirth: Enhanced ...
A psychological game about finding meaning in a world where everyone else is dead.
Fear Society 2
Five short tales of horror constructed from real life events, and urban legends.
The Legend of Blockman
An amazing time-travel action RPG.
Stones of Destiny - The ...
Chilean RPG Game using mostly the RTP
Final Story
When your big brother goes insane, it is up to you to stop him!
An horror/puzzle Game
We're gonna make it to the moon!
Cover Your Eyes
Monsters have come out to play.
Notes From Province
There's a lot of good in life. You just have to look for it.
A short Lovecraftian horror game developed for the Halloween 2021 event.
L Is for Love
"No one should discard that they are angels coming to punish us."
A short halloween RPG, with costumes
A young girl who explores between two worlds, one at an old mansion and the other inside a mirror.
Forgotten Water’s Silent...
A short maze-runner / puzzle game for Halloween2021 event.
White Sky
A game about two friends in a pretty boring world.
13m 1/4
In the cavern, cries of agony are echoing... Help... hel...
The Monastery
Can you escape from the Monastery?
Slumbered Apart
Pamchan and Gojo are lost in their dreams and they must find each other.
Recondite: The Phantasm ...
Even Hell runs on money!
Trick & Treat
Trick or Treat in a vampire's house
Archmage Adventure
Journey to reclaim the Sacred Stone and become the next Archmage
A short, fast-paced RPG with randomised elements
Aremen's Moon Patrol
Theme Roulette 4 entry, and attempt at being a "community" game.
Colorless Poems (transla...
A story about a girl named Akari Yagura who was having amnesia. Explore the story discovering what happened within while avoiding the monster who chasing you.
The Lone Chameleon
A challenging puzzle-game with simple mechanics
Ghost Party
A lonely ghost who collects items and tries to help people.
Reap and Sow
Farming and dreaming.
Epic Monster Dungeon Exp...
Go forth, and slay the EVILGOD!
Heroes of Time
Get ready to save the future!!
Three strangers are kidnapped and forced to compete in a deadly game called “Vanish”
The Witch's House
Are you ready to die a lot? I promise you will die a lot in this game.
Curb the Population!
Decide who lives and dies so that the population may be sustained.
Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate
Huge 12 Hours+ Fantasy Role Playing Game
Account Mu
It's a puzzle game.
Dreaming Mary
The adventure through a girl's final dream.
I Hate You, Please Suffe...
Adventures in paying rent
Lakewood Story: Episode ...
Horror by NecromireGames
Japanese Horror Game
Red Balloon of Happiness
Red balloons bring happiness to any home. Any? Are you sure?
Tales of Legends
(Yet) another generic JRPG inspired by JRPGs of old.
Lost & Found
A short horror game
Avantasia The Game
A novice in times of Inquisition questions his morals when he finds out the church will condemn his sister for heresy.
Super RPG Land
BE A HERO! Or something like that...ANOTHER TIME!
Dreamfarer (English Tran...
A child lost her dreams and a man drowing in the dreams.
cat game
Your cat has run away and is nowhere to be found, whatever will you do?
Chicken Blood
Unity 3d Slender clone horror game
I Cannot Drown
Your name is Ume. You are in a world. It is a familiar yet unknown world. Stretch your legs and go for a walk.
An adventure game about a mysterious sound file "SOS.WAV" Use audio clues as you uncover the mysteries of Chablam Island
A story of the self, friends, and family
Pathway: Desire+
A wanderer has to find her way out of a cave.
Nonlinear Action RPG made for Game Chill 2009.
Bloodstained Hands
Read-on Classic RPG with an artistic approach.
A short RPG
Sasha and Sir Plutarch's...
Help a girl form a team to make her first rm game.
The Holy King, the Demon King and the Legendary Hero
Afterlife: The Second Di...
Once upon a time, the Afterlife in a parallel universe...
Joseph's Farm
~1hr of creepy puzzles
Pocket Mirror
A thrilling horror game filled with mystery and heartbreaking revelations!
Desperate Love Feast
Can you find all the missing pieces and escape from the eerie, dark, sickening sort of love?
Side-scrolling shooter SIM.
Deadly Shutter (REMASTER...
A horror game inspired by J-Horror games and films.
Elys is a horror adventure, in the style of old "Point and Click" games.
Talin - The adventure be...
Adventure RPG with progressive mechanics that focuses on exploration
Two vampires. One plot to change all they know.
D is for Dungeon
A dungeon crawler starring a baby.
There are nine sheep, and you should find them
Sci-fi/Horror adventure game
Chicken Run
Don't be a hero, be a chicken.
April was a Fool
No, you can't date the Dragon.
Little Briar Rose
A point-and-click adventure inspired by "Sleeping Beauty" fable
Three Forbidden Books - ...
A young girl whose life gets disturbed by an ominous entity from the depths of the underworld...
From Next Door
There seems to be something wrong with your new house after all.
Game Master
A lighthearted, yet sometimes epic quest to unravel the mysteries of the 'Game'.
A bishoujo training simulation
Chrono Shift
A Fan-Made Chrono Series Prequel in RMXP
Prelude - Act 1
Silence is ultimate weapon of power.
Lost Dreams: The last Ma...
The story of a boy and his friends, swept into a battle with the world at stake. (Yup, doesn't "seem" all that original ;) )
A short-lengthed RPG in which you guide a dog boy through the snowy moors on a quest to get his best friend back.
Monster Hunt
A simple quest for riches can turn dark when you involve forbidden magic.
Mont Asall
7 day roguelike event game
The RMW Chain Game
Discover the secrets of Eric the Silver Reaper and why an adventurer chick named Gita is mistakened for him!
Lawrence of Aragorn
A serious knight and a crazy priest search for their missing king.
Reimus Awesome Holiday
Reimus Holiday get's ruined real quick
"Your journey into the land of Cirhena awaits!"
A short game inspired on RTP madness. But pretty loosely.
The Bond of Combat
You know you've got a good relationship when you still love your partner after 2 years of marriage.
Forest Star
Journey across a forest to find a fallen star!
Project Dread
Survival Action RPG. Survive and escape a research facility.
An original action RPG with a unique battle system and focused plot. No filler.
Teenage Costume Squad
A group of adolescents travel to the wrong dimension and must fight their way out before Hallowe'en
An RPG-Maker Point n Click Adventure. A tale about games, darkness and memories.
A modern-day myth of Valkyries versus Ragnarok. IGMC 2017 Finalist.
Ill Will
Mystery and survival in Purgatory.
Ramina's Birthday Nightm...
Short game with one "Spot the Difference" puzzle to solve.
Fateless Two, Faithless ...
For the Gaymak 2021 event
Visions & Voices
Who are you to stop the apotheosis of a madman?
Sukutte - Save Me...
Japanese Horror Game
Toraware no Shoujo -Blue...
A renewed and rewritten edition of Toraware no Shoujo - Caged Girl
Where could Mrs. Claus be?
Tower of the Starblessed
Can your wish be granted?
Dark Gleaming
Young Viking God Story
Destiny of the Dragon Lo...
A Destiny of an Emperor/Dragon Quest 1 Hybrid game.
Glories of the Hunt
Face your trauma. Conquer your dragon.
Ayumi: Enhanced Edition
Control a little girl and survive Lovecraftian horror in space!
Illusions of Loyalty
A short, dark fantasy RPG for those who like a challenge.
August and the Abyss
Welcome to the joy of RPG Maker
EVERNA FireHeart Legacy ...
A RPG from Everna Novel Series by Andry Chang - MV Version
Freddy Jack Nightmare in...
A NES like game made in 5 days
2018: A Doge Odyssey
Smoke Space Grass and go on an astral vision quest with your dog, then it gets weird.
The Greatest Survival
When her father simply disappears one day, Lyza follows in his footsteps to find him. Chaos ensues.
Lucidity: False
VXAce Nugget Crash Course...WE HAVE TO GO DEEPER
Harpy Lady Lyd
Solve a series of block puzzles to help a harpy find a magical energy source.
Imaginary Friends
"I wish I had a friend"
Final Fantasy Legacy
A prophecy originating in a war 2000 years old is unfolding and the Legacy is about to awaken.
The Shoe's On The Other ...
Short psychedelic adventure
The Lonely League
The Lonely League is a superhero Tactical RPG.
False Awakening Episode ...
If you were stuck inside your dream... what would you do to wake up?
False Awakening Episode ...
A psychological game about a guy stuck inside his dream, unable to wake up from it.
Japan: Jubei's Vengeance...
Play in Feudal Japan in this adult's only game! Game is completed!
A Philosophical Journey
Fallen Angel
Having power is a gift. But what of those that don't wish for such power? Or the ones that act despite not having power?
Paradise Delta
Sometimes saving the world needs to wait a few decades.
Castlevania NKN
Completely original traditional 2D Castlevania
remember thy love
Nine Mile Ride
A modern visual novel made on RPG Maker XP
A short rpg horror made for the 2014 Indie Game Contest. Solve puzzles and a mystery!
School Urban Legends
there are horror games...and scary games.
A group of students are trapped in their school and forced to play mind games against one another. They begin to experience unusual symptoms as they try to escape.
The Disrupted Monarchs
Everything is wrong
It Moves
If this game doesn't make your skin crawl…it's on too tight!
Speak No Evil
"Do you have the balls to play this game?"
Ringmaster Clause
An adventure game detailing the lives of dolls
Delve into a world where you'll face betrayal, behemoths and divinity itself!
Yume Wheeky
What do guinea pigs dream about? Probably not this, but just roll with it.
Japan: Jubei's Vengeance
Play in Feudal Japan in this adult's only game! 1 Year Development
Door of Shadows
A Traditional RPG
Master of the Wind
An episodic superhero role-playing game.
Cosplay Crisis
Identity- what defines the real from the fictional? Play and find out!
Radiant Revelation
Dungeon crawl in order to reshape the world from ruin.
The Gift
Does the holiday spirit end after Christmas?
Flip Dimensions
Travel across the multiverse and become the strongest Dark Lord!
Darkest Dreams Remake
Can you withstand the worst nightmare and uncover it's secrets?
Guide Me
A short, RPG Maker VX Ace horror game
Dream Drift
A classic RPG with features from many beloved 90's RPGs
Hollow Woods
First Person Surreal RPG
A Bit of a Little Dinghy
Explore a small world with a big adventure with Steve, Steve, Not Steve, and Steve!
Free Spirits
A historical urban fantasy RPG where you DON'T punch ghosts in the face.
Something mysterious has landed in Flatwoods.
Summer 2011 Contest Entry
Story of Integra
Follow the journey of a young elf Integra White, as she travels through the world of Eeria trying to save her friend.
Nugget Crash Course Contest Entry
A MidHorror Night
A short mystery halloween game in the style of a B-Movie
Strain Demo
Turn Based Survival Horror Adventure
The Legend of Pan
A Peter Pan game made in the style of Ocarina of Time
Psychological Horror - Mystery
The Grumpy Knight
Elsa returns home to "save" the kingdom from monsters.
A Hint of a Tint
A roguelike with something for everyone
Alter Legend - Download ...
First project I've ever made, made solely to learn the VX engine.
Whispers of greatness, flickers of hope, in this 30-hour fantasy, 4 years in the making.
Black Galax: Revert
Welcome to the scientifically advanced country Cliva! Where the strange and paranormal flies under the commoners radar...
War of Existence
A real time action game with strong emphasis on existentialism and fast paced combat.
Biggles On Mars
Biggles must save Mars from the evil Dr. Spectro with only his wits and a rickity biplane
Too Impatient
A story-based short game where your decisions matter. Get one of three possible endings.
Action RPG made in VX Ace featuring pixel movement and pixel collision!
it's a xombpycaplypse
Queen Mary's Script Reto...
An adventure game detailing the story of Mary and her newfound doll.
In Search of Clues
Two men. One library. Way too many guards. Help Owen and Keith find a clue as to where dragons could live! Prequel to In Search of Dragons
Trigger Knight
An Experimental Mini-Survival/RPG that uses one-button mechanic!
Retro Shock
What if System Shock came out for the SNES...
Being Yellow Magic
An average Joe finds inspiration for an RPG Maker game in the unlikeliest of places
Hakuda's wife visiting
Never, ever make the mountain god angry.
Slime Heart
A Slime/Human dating sim!
Errevale Fall
A visual novel style RPG about a monster hunter and the final days of a dying town.
Sanctaea Chronicles
Tactical RPG created in SRPG Studio
Densha Soul
Wrong ticket = a trip to hell.
One Night
A puzzling survival horror game which tasks you with finding a way out of a monster infested research facility.
Is there a way to bring her back?
A person he wishes to remember, yet a past he longs to forget.
One Of You
Three individuals suffering from amnesia find themselves trapped inside a cabin.
Dagon Quest
A role playing game with swords and spells
Legend of the Mystical D...
Another crappy TRPG where you will probably lose
Find answers hidden behind a surreal world and its odd inhabitants.
The Wizards Tower
The demo game for the new release of the RPGToolkit
Dead Moon Night
Morten is in pieces. Luckily for him he's a lich, so he won't die, but he must recover his body and find his lost Grimoire before dawn!
Before you know it, you're already in Hell.
It's not the fall that hurts... it's the climb back up...
Dragons' Descendants
A wandering ronin must seek redemption for his crime.
Escape a giant spider's lair through stealth and tile puzzles
Small 1 hour ultimate platformer for your gaming needs
Fatal Runtime
True glitch horror.
At Last Alone: Rescue at...
Members of the royal family have been kidnapped! Infiltrate the castle and rescue them in this fantasy JRPG!
Magical Disaster X
Comedy? Magical girls? RPG? HECK YEAH.
Maze For You
For her life, he will find his way out
Three Ghostly Roses
Tackle the twisted and miserable with fists of determination.
Micro Quest: Blackstone ...
A Classic JRPG Experience.
Uncover your past and fulfill your destiny
Inner Sanctum
Submission to Studio Blue's RPG Maker MZ game jam. Christian-themed horror/mystery game.
Summoning, a game about saving yourself and your friends!
Chronicles: Fate of a Pr...
The tale of a Princess who yearns for adventure
Miranda la Psíquica
The adventure to recover the legendary OwO's Water!
Fear for all eternity.
Eterna 2
Classic turn-based fantasy RPG in a desert setting
Zack's Cute Game
Zack's back with more mediocre garbage.
The Misadventures of a F...
Three magical items. One ''excellent'' magician. A very dumb journey.
Alchemistress Vivi​
Solve a series of puzzles to help a witch cast powerful spells.
Port Traventor
Plagued by orcs and dwarves, Traventor needs a true king to rise to the occasion! Would it be that you are such a king?
The Path we Travelled
The Path we Travelled tells the story of Ana and Tómas at various points in their lives, growing up in the quiet St Oris Hamlet. While they enjoy a peaceful childgood for a time, things begin to chang
The House of Gwendolyn
Imagine you've been enslaved by the three supernatural beings that murdered your father...
Seven Mysteries
Keep the secret...
Vegeta Jr.'s RPG Adventu...
An old fan game made by The1stDragon that serves as a sequel to Goku Jr.'s RPG Adventure.
Grist of Flies
Travel an underground tunnel in search of survivors and safety!
Shattered City: Magnitud...
Survival game inspired by Disaster Report
Path of Vidya
Everything Will Change
Perceiving Shapes
Submission to Third Annual HAWKTOBER Game Jam. A Cosmic Horror game.
Dry Fate
Can a young hero stop the end of the world?
An epic tale of hope and sorrow
A futuristic dungeon crawler where a headstrong AI takes on an army to escape a doomed colony.
Pure Heart
Explore another planet, fight aliens, and solve puzzles in this short action RPG about Yuki, the chosen savior of Earth
Reaper of Swords
Reap What You Sow
Recruit One
Tackle over 20 trials to prove your worth. You're against the clock and a whole lot more in this sci-fi puzzler. Have you got what it takes?
Iris Island
An enjoyable experience gathering/quest completing, light-RPG. (Version 1.8)
Weird and Unfortunate Th...
Neo Gensokyo Zero
Fast paced bullet-time hack-n-slash Touhou fangame
The Four Disasters
Battle of the Legends
Reliquia (The Prototype)
A short fantasy RPG about three adventurers looking for a miraculous artifact that can make any wish come true.
Body Elements
Horror game
A short mystery/horror text adventure.
Neverspring Chronicles: ...
A disgraced soldier and his magically gifted sister confront the shadow of their estranged father in a world where technology feeds on the death of magic.
Granhistoria Remake
With the world's history written in the Chronicle at your disposal, alter history and save the world of Gran from its destruction!
Traverse the desolate wasteland. Make friends with mutants. Eat trash and do crimes.
Your Everyday Average Role Playing Game - A Dusty Tome Tutorial
Portal Guardians
Portal Fantasy Tactics
Rework The Dead: Evil
Another violent gorefest platformer.
The gripping and ominous twilight before humanity's end​
A Child Called Ash
Prequel of a prequel for a MtF daughter of lions
Retro-Inspired RPG
Stay Home
A game about staying at home with your pupper!
Somber game made for RMWeb's One Map Challenge.
A Dust Tale
A Sci-fi adventure, where a lot of dedication is being put.
Back to Felix
Story Driven Rpg Maker game
You have come home to face the ancient evil lurking in your lineage.
Silver Night's Crusaders
Action Platformer set in an obscure medieval age (or another Castlevania fangame, obviously xd).
Demon Tower: The Old, De...
Demon Tower is the story of fourteen souls climbing a large tower infested with fierce demons. Not all is as it seems, however, and there seems to be dischord within the legions of evil...
3 act retro meditation on free will, loss, and failure.
The Endless Empty
A surreal post-life adventure.
Faith in Feathers
Play as the Archangels assigned by the Omni-potent to save a dying soul and battle your way throughout the purgatory in this short dungeon crawler-based RPG.
This Is Where I Want To ...
Short kinetic visual novel about a dying person.
A Visual Novel horror game in which your choices impact the story.
Lost in Fantasy 2: Exqui...
Cruz and his girlfriend are successful entrepreneurs with great prospects and they are living life to the full, but that all changes...
Princess Princess
In this (first ever?) VXAce game made in VXAce Trial made in 25 hours
A tale of sacrifice and ants.
Konosuba Anime Wars
Fan Game focused on Combat and Exploration With Comedy in the mix!
Magical Stock Princess
A quick to play arcade and rpg blend wooooooo
A freeware horror adventure game from the creator of Leave and Cat in the Box!
Brave Hero Yuusha
Familiar stories can take unfamiliar turns...
The End of the Raining S...
A Sorceress Bodyguard Simulator
The Three Visions
Three super-villains are competing each other to achieve their goals
Temple of Memories
Escape the old ruin that you have been trapped in.
Vacant Sky Vol. 1: Conte...
I died once. (Complete Edition Act II+ now available!)
A Bad Game
A short game about bad people
Final Quest - The discip...
Ernest follows his teacher Ulrika into the wilderness for training, but not everything is what it seems.
Meta City Heist
A heist game made with RPG Maker MV.
Doge Quest
My first game that I made in the past.
Born Under the Rain
Why does the jackal run from the rain?
The Other Adventurer 3D
A Dungeon Crawling FPS Adventure
Pirate Rush
A light-hearted treasure-hunting adventure filled with magic, pirates and voodo curses.
To Crime Nirvana
A boss game about crooks
Epic Odyssey
Embark as a young knight who unknowingly set in motion events that will forever change the fate of his world.
An RPG about slime killing
What is it that I can't remember?
Aelwyn's Journey
Escape, Survive.
Star: chapter I
Frick sets out for a quest to find his sister in a strange post-apocalyptic world
Shinobi Bill
The misadventures of a smartass shinobi
Harvest and Hunt 14
Every year in Ulstern an annual festival is held to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of Ulstern, it's called the Harvest and Hunt.
"A joy to sit down and play" - Addit
Miyumi Gaiden: The Demon...
Sleeping within a dream, trials await. Will you be able to wake up from this nightmare?
The Dark Eternal
The Sequel to Dark Eternal: Dissolution, the original feature-length RMXP Game.
Heroine's Quest: The Her...
Explore the rich world of Nordic mythology as warrior, sorceress, or rogue, and stop the Herald of Ragnarok!
Pixel Story
A choose your own adventure text story in a less than 64 bit world!
Action RPG now fully translated. No RTP required.
Post-apocalyptic steampunk quest. Adapt to the life in the underground Dragon Haven while learning more about its residents.
The Brief and Meaningles...
Save the world because we told you to.
Flesh Harvest Demo Now A...
You Will Eat The Flesh Of Your Own Sons And Daughters
Dog Adventure
Huge Dogger's adventures in an insane world
SCHEMATA - The Dark Lega...
There's much more to this RPG than you think
Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle
Battle for justice in an anime-themed world as Nina Aquila, defence attorney and bona fide Legal Eagle!
Help Seth escape from the underworld and make sure he doesn't die... too often.
Shattered Hourglass
A Time Traveller's long journey through life and death.
Avelions - The Ancestors
The beginning of all stories~
Super Dungeon Master Ace...
1987 Dungeon Master, 1989 Chaos Strikes Back!
One woman's quest to find her brother whilst an uprising is on the horizon ...
-Discover what lies below-
Road To Paradise - The D...
As a young dragon, investigate a mysterious portal to a strangely familiar other world.
Final Fantasy: Legend of...
A Final Fantasy fangame that faithfully recreates the mechanics of classic Final Fantasies, with a light-hearted feel.
Sa Ilalim ng Gabi
A horror game taking the role of a priestess doing her best to avoid the chaos.
Quest Questers
A quest of quests! Climb the ranks of the guild as you help the people of Lasna!
Hierofanía 2
A young queen figures out what kind of ruler she will be
A Visual Novel. One last mission for the Knights of Utrecht..
Tales from Rotten, Moonl...
RMN's own collaborative horror anthology!
Journey to the East
A girl on a dangerous journey across the war-torn land of her country. She must survive!
Feral Dreams 2
Direct sequel! 10+ hour RPG!
Xeno The Destroyer
A very small game about an aspiring baddie and his pet cat.
Champs of the Bocca
A fun and exciting randomly generated dungeon crawler
B&W Love
A world in black and white until you find your forever partner.
Feral Dreams
12+ hour RPG with fully animated battlers!
Shin Megami Tensei: The ...
SMT fangame remade under MV.
Can you survive through this underground city?
Pokémon RMN Version
Poketto Monsutâ: RMN
Shantae and Asha:Dream F...
A Monster World 4 sequel and crossover
Kikumaru's Beach Adventu...
Crappy TRPG where you will probably lose
Harbingers of Woe
A challenging dungeon crawler where you play as the 4 Horsemen of Apocalypse.
Voices of Friendship
"Do you hear the voices?"
Play as a Barn owl who sets out to become a Hu'mon master.
Luxaren Allure
Eternal amour versus infernal armor in this WLW RPG!
Passage of The Hollow Mo...
My personal greatest creation!
Explore an abandoned moon lab after a very unusual accident...
Resident Evil Demake
A 8bit style version of the first Resident Evil
Final Fantasy VIII: Slee...
When the sleeping lion awakens, grief will swallow it whole.
Frozen Slumber
A short story based on the Legends Of Illarion series. Created for the Seasons of RMN event.
The Sunset Sheriff
The Adventures of Sheriff Libby
Ashes of Roses
A Sci-Fi thriller about exorcists, Shakespeare, and a hunk with a slasher smile.
Last Word (IGMC Version)
RPG mystery about aristocratic discourse.
A somewhat self-reflexive game about games and me
Fire RMNblem
The RMN community game to end all RMN community games.
Umbral Soul
Build an army. Embrace the darkness. Conquer the world.
The stormwinds are growing, as my dreams are falling apart -- just like you.
Baclyae Revolution
A humble tribute to the Suikoden series!
A puzzle-adventure demo created for the 2018 Indie Game Making Contest!​
A Half-n-Half Affair
The world is saved... Or is it? It was! But then it wasn't. Or was it?
The Master of Souls
Stop a demon's prophecy from decimating everything.
The Ranch
A man returns to the family ranch to find it overrun by aliens and monsters.
Fourteen heroes climb a tower infested with demons.
Titans Of Illumia
Non-Linear RPG, Focus on exploration
BlueSkies 2
Enter the journey of a white-witch who struggles during her life-time in an era where magic is a forbidden art and is condemned by many.
An RPG about a wizard who can't use magic
My Computer
A psychic cyborg investigates a facility
Date Knights
Holy Knight and Dark Knight ex-girlfriends on a mission! Game for the Rainbow of Positivity gaymake event!
Acceptance - An Afro Guy...
A serious 3D Game made with a Real Engine
Drekirökr - Dusk of the ...
Sci-fi fantasy post-apocaliptic somewhat-adventure!
Dwoemer of the Drill Fac...
A strange dream compels you to journey for the Hecka Bone. What lurks for you, waiting, in the dark corners of the world?
Shackled Seas
Free the seas from piracy!
Memories of Elefee
An Adventure Rpg about a girl who wakes up in a magical world.
Razed are the Powerful
A witty near one-liner of an experience based on recruiting your favorite RTP heroes to fight alongside you.
Someone Killed the Butle...
For RPG Maker Birthday Bash. The butler couldn't have done it this time, could he?
Under World 3
Action-RPG with endless features and a deep story
Everything Turns Gray
Everything Turns Gray is an open-world sand-box or "play-ground" style CRPG set in a realistically bleak, harsh, and inhospitable post-apocalyptic wasteland.
Finding Eden
A microgame about friendship after the end of the world
Sunken Spire
The Queen of Ulstern sends her best agent with a strong backup to investigate an abandoned laboratory, but things quickly escalate.
An open world game with up to 30 hours of gameplay!
Turovero: The Celestial ...
A dark fantasy RPG where truth and lies collide and nothing is as it seems.
Story Driven RPG Adventure made with RMXP. 25+ Hours long!
Esper Wing Chronicle
Finding out your origin!
-repent loci- Severed Wa...
Robert hates swimming, and he will swim.
Just Face It!
A humourous game consisting of short, bite-sized episodes
Final Eclipse
First-person dungeon crawler and horror-ish game.
Rust and Blood
Halloween contest game.
Colors of Damnation ACE
A challenging 2D-shooter with various game modes, which is basically about shooting different colored enemies with the right colored bullet.
McBacon Jam 4 submission
Three mercenaries, two factions, ALL BURNING ROBOT ACTION
Frozen Ember
A submission for Seasons of RMN. Post-apocalyptic sci-fi.
Action shooter game for a contest
Old Zelda style compo game for ika
A multi-path game of research and management
Azure Waves
Release something 2013 Action RPG
BoxxyQuest: The Gatherin...
An epic and satirical throwback to the internet of yesteryear, made with the help of actress and former meme queen Catie Wayne.
The New Us
An RPG about dodging rent, exploration, and surviving the apocalypse.
A Maned Lioness
Prologue to the life and times of a MtF daughter of lions
Momo Bomber
Retro RPG-Platformer
Corruption of Laetitia
A Valkyrie's tale of Valor, Betrayal, uncertainty and girl-love.
Blade of Acrimony: Wish ...
Follow Anaya and Leonard as they try to seal away the Wishing Sword once and for all!
Profit Motive: A Busines...
RMVX Business Adventure RPG
In Search of Immortality
The Alchemy Guild sends an expedition to retrieve the Elixir of Immortality from the sage Tarneu's tomb.
Nocturne: Rebirth (Engli...
The story of a vampire whose life begins to change after meeting a girl...
The Lost Demo
Tactical fantasy RPG set out in the desert.
Neon Lightning Force
Beat'em up arcade set in a dystopian future.
Tales of the Drunken Pal...
Version 3 Released April 1, 2017