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Dead Again Review

Oh nice, you guys found the telephone booth gameover after all? That might have been one of the more obscure one imo haha

I think it was my 3rd or 4th run (first two were escape by truck/bike). I went there immediately after provoking the horde. I guess expected something weird to happen,

The sewer segment used to be a bit harder to get to. Initially you needed the backstore key THEN activate the Z-horde. I was afraid it would be missed out so I changed a switch/variable or 2 to make it easier to find.

Well I did exactly that: first the key and then the horde! I discovered this late because I was sure that the place was a deathtrap like the apartment. I was wrong (again!).

Dead Again Review

There's nothing else in the sewers beyond some collectibles I think. You can get an ending if you just keep going to bed every day, though it's more of a game over. Still, I'm fairly sure it's what the first symbol to the left in the endings guide represents. Either that or the phone booth ending (if you go in there during the zombie attack). I don't believe there's anything else you missed, though.

Yep I got all these. I even did the "suicide in bathroom". I expected something would happen if you killer enought zombies during a Zombapocalypse or finding something in the north east area of the sewers (there is a room with lots of zombies, some eating too, but I guess nothing more)

It's okay, the game's average is still at 4 stars so we're good ʘʘ

I was close so I agree with your rating and review. Maybe I am more forgiving with older games... anyway I just wanted a bit more, there are no other flaws.

Dead Again Review

8th run? Nice! I'm so thrilled that the game is being fully played! And yes.. there's quite a few endings players might not have found yet.

I do not know, there were some similar endings (escape alone/escape with survivors),I got both the Dog Ending and the Dandelion Ending, I guess the only area I never explored fully were the sewers but I don't know if there was something else hidden there.

Oh and I feel ashamed since I gave a lower vote than the other guy!!!

Anyway yes, one of the best short games I played. Gotta try Dandelion, then.

ONYX 2: Clinging Soul Review

Thanks for your review! I'm so happy you enjoyed this.

I already said in Onyx 1 review that I like these game especially for story, characters and gameplay.
This time I add that also the guides that come with these games are really helpful.
It's a really rare occasion, and that's an added value!

Fragments of Mind Review

I feel like the world could have used a lot more surreal enemies which I didn't really have, and I feel frogge was working on relatively little resources to draw from to really make that surreal feel. We both tried our best in the limited time we had, so I'm hoping in the future to update it and take more time to flesh it out, and have frogge secretly make the game for me so I can be lazy

I know, anyway the resources used were very nice, I liked them a lot and I liked the visual style. Nothing bad at all for a short game.

It's weird, I reviewed two of your games and both were collaborations! Next time I'll review one made by you only, then! :P

Fragments of Mind Review

Well this was sudden and unexpected!

Heh, nobody expect my reviews. Problem is tht I love Rmk2000/2003 and these old games. Too late!

The writing was rather rushed on my end, and rpg games are not my strong suit as a primarily horror developer. I hope it didn't ruin the game too

Well it wasn't bad at all, anyway I realize the problem of making a game in a short time. It was good, by the way I've to play one of your horror games too, then.

Alvorada do Mal Review

Wow, I wasn't expecting a review for this game! It's a game I started in 2004 (15 years ago!) and stopped working on in 2012 if I'm not mistaken, so a lot of it looks outdated indeed. But yet, it's a game I've worked on for almost 10 years, so it has a special place in my heart, and I might agree with you that it's my best.

Well I love old Rmk2000/2003 games and the style of its charsets and portraits. And I loved this game since it's not your usual fantasy/sci fi game, I liked the dark/horror atmosphere, the many choices, and the weirdness of the urban setting.
And I also loved the themes and the story, but this is mainly a matter of personal taste (I played some similar "urban horror" games before).

Anyway I waited maybe 5 years before this reviews as I was stuck in the "escape from the principal part"! But yes, at the time I had so much to play that I just tried it.

I wonder... do you speak Portuguese? I couldn't tell since you didn't comment anything on the story/dialogs/characters. If not, must be weird playing this game.

Short answer: I did not comment the story not to spoil the adventure, I know Portoguese barely enough to be able to play the game but not enough to judge the style or notice spelling errors.

Long answer: I know spanish, italian and other languages I studied. My Portoguese is largely self taught by reading articles or other things, so I was able to understand 90% of the game and I had no problem to understand what I had to do, where I had to go or how to use the items. But judging the quality of the dialogues (not in my native language) and explaining it in english (not my native language too) would be too hard for me!

So yeah I was able to know what I had to do with Livia, for example, but even if understanding some choices were not easy, especially the one after being disintegrated (oh by the way it's possible to kill the "night father" during the concert? I was never able to do that!)

Thanks for the reply!

Vindicators 2: Rainbow Diamond Review

hopefully we get a chance to make a longer one next time.

No worries, short one or long one, I'll be always happy to see a new episode and I hope you'll stick with Rmk2003. I'm nostalgic, I know.

Puzzles are easier this time because I ran out of hard puzzles I wanted them to be solvable entirely within game, as well as being on an action puzzle fix lately.

As I wrote before, creating engaging combat and a compelling story is hard, but making good puzzles is harder! Most Rmk games I played and love are just combat and story, so haveing some kind of diversion or puzzle is a plus, especially for a short game like this one.

Vindicators 2: Rainbow Diamond Review

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yep! This time I had no problems with the puzzles, and I liked the unfolding of the story. I just wished it was longer, so ok, consider this a merit!

Featured Game, Featured Dev: LolloRocketDiver

It's actually a shame that Fifth Era and Tales of Banalia are not translated. Those games are really, really good and they deserve to be played, especially FE

This is SO TRUE. Fifth Era was the game that made me discover Rmk2003. And learn that besides boring and shallow games existed some gems like this one (or Theia). After that I was able to play lots of great games including even some japanese ones.
Still I see Fifth Era As one of my favorites, if not my favourite!

I'd translate it myself if I knew how! ^^'
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