A player of almost every Rpgmaker2000/2003 game ever made (in english, italian, spanish, japanese, russian and german), fond of drawing (from portraits to pixel art), writing, rpgs (tabletop, crpg and jrpg) and fantasy addict (including Final fantasy, of course).
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Review Vote Guidelines:
1/1.5 - so horribile I will not mention it. No one would like this trash.
2/2.5 - bad but with some good qualities or good
but with many bad flaws. Could have been worse and some people may like it anyway.
3/3.5 - from decent to good games. This is what I normally expect: entertainment. Some people may like it more, others less but it's ok!
4/4.5 - exceeded my expectations. These are must play for everyone.
5 - Rpgmaker Nirvana

Top 3 Favourites Japanese Rmk Games
1 Psycho Platoon (and Psycho Platoon Final, by Bokki Guy)
2 Aberrant (1 & 2)
3 D. Doomsday Door

Top 3 Favourites German Rmk Games
1 Die Reise Ins All
2 Gods of Ashes
3 Alter

Top 3 Favourites French Rmk Games
1 Omega Cerberus
2 Travelers of Time
3 Dyhortfight

Top 3 Favourites Italian Rmk Games
1 Fifth Era, fragments of the Holy Stone
2 Karma Flow
3 Skydancer

Top 3 Favourites Russian Rmk Games
1 Warrior Saga (including Warrior Saga Hot Road)
2 Huperternal
3 K.A.M.R.A.D.



Silver Night's Crusaders

Just out of curiosity, what engine is this being made on?

The description says Openbor.
It's the engine used to make beat em ups (Neon Lightning Force is another game found here made with that engine). I have seen and played some nice games in Openbor, even a Metal Slug fangame...


He's back! Once again!

Are mops overrated?

Yeah, there's a solution without the mop, and one I quite like too xD.

Exactly, I will even post a pic of that part. I 9nly realized now that the bug was fixed. Lol.

I think Pud had lost all control over the balancing near the end. He is currently crying internally.

Hm game is technically harder than Severed Waters and easier than the Orb so it fits. Problem is that it need fast reflexes (unlike the Orb)... I was killed so many times (but not as much to be frustrated). Since this is a short game it is ok!

Are mops overrated?

Argh I was going to report this, but at first I believed I was doing something wrong. In any case I completed the game without using the mop! Yes! Anyway good thing this was fixed (even if maybe it will make the last room too easy)!

Blackmoon Prophecy II Review

Hey, this was a fun review for me to read! I'm really glad that you've enjoyed the game!

I'm curious, how far along have you played?
there is no large map, diary or note that will tell what you are supposed to do and where you are supposed to go, so you have to read each dialogue carefully and remember the positions of the various cities and points of interests on the main map, because nobody will remember them for you!
After you progress to a certain point, you actually have an NPC who always reminds you of what your quest is (hint: airship).

Sorry I had to be more specific! You are right, I know what you are talking about, but yeah this happens a bit later in the game, and for that problem I was referring especially to the secondary quests: for example the monster hunting guild gives you the names of town and locations near the objective... BUT my memory was terrible and the mini map was not so useful to understand the area!
Clearly later the airship solved all these problems :)

Faith in Feathers Review

Hello TheRPGMakerAddict! and thank you so much for this lovely and detailed review! <3 ^_^ :) I am so happy to hear about your kind words and that you enjoyed it! :D To be honest, I've been quite stressed lately dealing with some of the steam release stuff for my first commercial game. But seeing this review for an old game of mine has helped lifted them a bit! ^_^ Thank you so much again! I'm so happy you enjoyed Faith in Feathers! :D <3

Yay, yes! I heard good opinions about this game so I decided to try it and I wasn't disappointed! I imagine it needed a lot of work due to the many mini-setting, and the presence of some little puzzle also surprised me! :) nice one!

Wild Universe Review

Naw, they were all downloaded from

ow that site is dead, that's why I wasn't able to find the sources! ^^'

Silver Night's Crusaders

This looks really cool! Castlevania, and Demon Hunter Legends are great, and these screenshots...I wanna play this!

Age of Myth

Interesting, really! Rmk2003?? White screw graphics? I'd be curious to try it, also because of that premise and plot!

Tales of Yuria 2: The Gilded Crown

Niceee...after finishing the first I was hoping for a sequel, given the ending...
Take your time because the first was good but this looks even better!