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Review Vote Guidelines:
1/1.5 - so horribile I will not mention it. No one would like this trash.
2/2.5 - bad but with some good qualities or good
but with many bad flaws. Could have been worse and some people may like it anyway.
3/3.5 - from decent to good games. This is what I normally expect: entertainment. Some people may like it more, others less but it's ok!
4/4.5 - exceeded my expectations. These are must play for everyone.
5 - Rpgmaker Nirvana

*NOTE*: event games/jam submissions and other games that were developed in a very short time or with other restrictions get a rating bonus (usually +0,5), you are warned!

Top 3 Favourites Japanese Rmk Games
1 Psycho Platoon (and Psycho Platoon Final, by Bokki Guy)
2 Aberrant (1 & 2)
3 D. Doomsday Door

Top 3 Favourites German Rmk Games
1 Die Reise Ins All
2 Gods of Ashes
3 Alter

Top 3 Favourites French Rmk Games
1 Omega Cerberus
2 Travelers of Time
3 Dyhortfight

Top 3 Favourites Italian Rmk Games
1 Fifth Era, fragments of the Holy Stone
2 Karma Flow
3 Skydancer

Top 3 Favourites Russian Rmk Games
1 Warrior Saga (including Warrior Saga Hot Road)
2 Huperternal
3 K.A.M.R.A.D.


(SOLVED) Help me find this game (about DaVinci)

I do not know if this is the right section but I'll try:

Some months ago I was playing a game about Leonardo Da Vinci that I wanted to review (had no reviews at the time, and I think it was released in 2018/2019, complete). Due to my extreme bad luck, my hard disk broke and I lost everything. One game I wasn't able to recover (yet!) was this game.

I just remember that it was made in Rpgmaker, but I cannot remember which version (well maybe Rmk2000/2003... MAYBE!) as it used custom graphics (a style similar to that of the "Maned Lioness", to name an example, but with less colors, mainly white/black for buildings, and green for the grass) and not RTP.
The game was about the apprentice of the old Leonardo da Vinci that joins him in a quest to destroy the paintings (that become monsters). Colors were equipped and used like abilities, with different effects.

I tried to search and look for it but it's no use.
Does anyone remember the title?
Was it deleted?

Thanks a lot if someone can help!

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