The game looks amazing ¡

Any release date?

Forever's End

approximate duration ?

About the game ' TAUT'

No news about the game :(

Do you guys think that eventually will bring the full version ?

This is the official forum of the game Your text to link here...

Zehn: Hollow Past

I want to see some video or a demo :(

No realise date ?

Zehn: Hollow Past

Do you have an approximate date ?

The atmosphere seems great.

Zehn: Hollow Past

One question, the game is very similar to another called ``TAUT´´. Especially the sixth picture is the same room.

Do you use the same graphics that this game ?


I will play it tonight ;)

VorlorN Review

I play it tonight ;)


Any news ?? :(

Death Proclaimed II - Valerie's Letter

It's necessary to have played DP1 ? For the history.
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