I am a long time rpg fruitcake, both tabletop and console, and an amateur writer and artist. By which I mean I get paid for doing the things I like sometimes, but not often enough to quit my day job. I've also been tinkering with various sundry RPGMaker programs since good old '95 came out. This does not mean I know what I'm doing.

Trying to make interesting games with the pack-in systems and RTP is literally my favorite hobby.



What can you do with squares? (VX RTP Mapping Contest)

One of the projects I'm working on is for a challenge that involves using the default RTP for mapping. I might as well throw my hat into this one too--it's certainly on a more manageable scale!

I'll be back with something.

It's been a while. Anyone willing to do a review for me? ;)

I've kept meaning to download and play this, but then somehow forgetting. A request for a review seems a good time to stop procrastinating on this and start procrastinating on some other things instead.

Loading up now; let's see where this goes.

Using rpg vx

It can be done with common events. You could also use a script. A good thing to try might be to hit up Google.

At least one of the (many many many many MANY) cooking/crafting scripts out there is the 'Advanced Crafting Script', which can be customized for cooking, mining, alchemy, tailoring, or heck, underwater basket weaving if that's what you want in the game.

Need face graphics

And try to keep the style of faces consistent. Using face sets from seven different (stylistic) sources in your game is pretty jarring, especially if they're VERY stylistically different, so don't just go plucking them up willy-nilly and sticking them in. Try to go for visual consistency.

Side View Battle system needed

There's a simpler sideview script even than Tankentai. I can shoot you the script if you want, but it doesn't really 'change' the default battle system other than to visibly put the actor sprites on the screen.
It's here. This demo is packaged with some YEZ battle stuff, none of which is necessary to running the SBS here.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Just got back in from the Big Wide Outside World and can safely say that nature is pretty goddamn bright green when it has a mind to be.

On that note, while the screenshot looks okay as-is, The saturation change really makes it POP. I know which of those screenshots my eye was immediately drawn to, and it wasn't the bigger one.

Bin Laden Defeated

author=Yellow Magic
you just compared Osama bin Laden to Bigfoot oh my God RMN oh my God

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