Pocket Mirror Classic (2016)

Well this game is pretty interesting even tough i found a lot of littel mistakes like:

no single clue what you should do or when talking to that twinkling thing it always gives you the same answer and you always get the stone from it. Also why cant you walk over the finger when you can walk over the flowers? I also wonder why you have to talk to the mirror twice and why you cant talk to the mirror when the finger is inside the room? By the way you need to step back before you can talk to the mirror again.In the room with the holes, when you set up all the stones except the mirror itself, some mysterious force is blocking your way to the lowest door.

I mean you said in some comment above that you did some mistakes on purpose for the demo but i just wantet to tell you in case you really forgot something, so lets talk about the things i liked.

I like the Maincharakter. The voice acting is cute,the art looks good and i think being a littel quiet matches such loli charakters.I also like that she has got some different emotions.The style of the game is also nice.i like the layout of the titel,The font also matches and i like the design of the messagboxes.I love the writing style and way how the story is told (even though i could not see much of it yet).The game over movie is a nice idea! i have never seen something like that before. And i like the sounds she is making when she walks.
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