Greetings. I'm Theodoric/TheoAllen. I'm one of the former RPGMakerID Royal Guardians. Also one of Eremidia Chronicles Contributors.

I'm proficient RGSS3 scripter and also former composer. And I'm not going to jump to MV unless they support midi player.
Eremidia Dungeon : Skywa...
A simple dungeon crawler game. And a spin-off from Eremidia: An Empty Tome!



RMN Composer Introductions

I previously took off my composer role, but I took it back as I have regained my confidence. So here's me :D

Artist names you are known by:
I'm usually known by the name, TheoAllen, or Theolized (or Theodoric, here, but it's really my old username that hasn't changed for years) in some case, I prefer TheoAllen tough

Link to the best place to follow your work:
I don't have specific youtube, Bandcamp, or Soundcloud to follow, mainly because I'm too lazy to update them, but I do have my own music pack over here

Contact information for commissions:
I'm not opening commission, so sorry!

Music genres and style influences of your work:
Mainly from MIDI resources specifically made for RM by Japanese/foreign people like maoudamashi, FREEDOM HOUSE, soleil-musique, Hannya, and many more. Many of them have an old-school sounding music

Admittedly, I don't really know or care much about genre. I compose what I like to hear. But certainly, I don't make rock music.

Your choice of audio software:
My first choice is Anvil Studio, which produces only MIDI.
And later I edit them in FL studio to render it in a different format.
For some reason, I prefer to write everything in Anvil then import them in FL rather than directly compose in FL.

Instruments you play:
I can't play any instrument. Only digital composing

Your proudest accomplishment as a musician:
Hard to choose, I have many, and each of them has a unique sentiment to me. Won't be fair to choose one.

RMN's Favourite Video Game Tracks of All Time

1. Main Theme (The Elder Scroll, from III to V, all are good)
2. Main Theme (Fallout 4, specifically. The prior game main theme sucks even though they're sharing the same melody identity)
3. Arctic Battle 3 (Starbound)
4. Map 3-4 Boss Battle (Azur Lane)
5. Silent Flower (Space Ranger 2)
6. Enough is enough (Fallout 4)
7. Metal Gleamed in The Twilight (Child of Light)
8. Yggdrasil Theme (Granblue Fantasy)
9. Go Down (Unreal Tournament 1999) - Redux version (UT 2004) - UT3 Version (Technically they're all the same song, different remix)
10. Battle (Battle for Wesnoth) - Yes, the filename literally named as "Battle.ogg"

Corruption of Laetitia Review

Imo, the original disclaimer is already good enough, but the proposed disclaimer is also not bad. If it was me, I probably ain't going to nitpick the disclaimer.

Corruption of Laetitia

Got around one hour mark in this. Currently trying to restore the tower, I reckon this is still very beginning am I right?

Some few nitpicks
> There was no clear indication on when the cutscene is ended. I thought I had to wait for a little longer, but I was actually supposed to move on my own
> The text is too squeezed, probably because of font choice. Personal preference, don't bother it much if you don't wanna change it.
> In the early map, the fog makes the shades hard to see.
> It took me a while to actually see rage meter shown in number instead of a bar/gauge. It only problematic at the beginning because I wasn't get used with the UI. I reckon that maybe you may not know how to change the mog's battle UI, so it's fine the way it is now
> It's probably not easy, but if possible show the day indicator on the map screen or main menu instead of looking at the pocket watch.

Some random comments
> I thought the first boss battle is okay to lose because it was kinda hard. Turned out I got a gameover
> The hint worked well. And I never thought that guarding actually saved my life.
> Is it possible to add HP bar for the enemies?
> It may be an intended design, but the map is too dark to see everything. Or at least tracking where I'm going.
> I like the random comments on the random stuff. I think it's the charm of this game.

Some game balance suggestions
> Make some crucial move for survival act first. For example, healing and item usage. It just when it happens that RNG screws me up. All 4 enemies attack on one actor, sap the HP to only like 20%, but I had to survive, so I use healing, but no, they act first.
> Failed to escape is kinda punishing. Because of the way you balance the game. Two times failed to escape is basically dying. My suggestion is if escaping is failed, at least compensate it with something, maybe free guard? or make escaping guaranteed, or maybe show the percentage of the success rate somewhere, although these will require some scripting.

I may continue it later though. Good game!

The Best Battle Animations You've Seen?

Probably a majority from Granblue Fantasy.
A lot of good animation unfortunately diminished based on their length.

As strictly for RM animation

Who's That Nicknamed RMN Member?!

Theodoric was taken from Theodoric the Goth from Age of Empire 2. Because "Theo" also sounds like my irl name. I took this name as my internet name from 2009 to 2011. However, in mid-2010 I was on a dilemma whether to use Theodoric or TheoAllen. The latter resembles my name more than the former.

I created this account in RMN solely just to participate music challenge back in 2011, and I hadn't made up my mind yet to choose my internet name, so I went by this name. In 2013, I pretty much fixed my internet name as TheoAllen (that I wish I also could change it here).

My twitter handler is theolized. Simply because TheoAllen is a common name that also commonly taken. Theolized is taken from my friends who kept telling me that my style of art is distinguishable that people could easily tell if it's my art (both music and pictures). To put it simply, it means "My way of doing stuff". My battle system script I named after this name because "It's my way of doing battle system".

Contest Script Release

It's a nice script. Maybe if you change weapons and armor into "feature_objects" it will be much better since it will also check states, class, and actor notebox. So the tag works on everything!

P6 Blog #26 Battle system script assistance.

Is this pointed out to my script?


But the name 'Phalanx' is usually to be used for a defensive move.

Phantasia 6

I never know you have a page. Subscribing this.
Hit me up if you have issues!