Greetings. I'm Theodoric/TheoAllen. I'm one of the former RPGMakerID Royal Guardians. Also one of Eremidia Chronicles Contributors.

I'm proficient RGSS3 scripter and also former composer. And I'm not going to jump to MV unless they support midi player.
Eremidia Dungeon : Skywa...
A simple dungeon crawler game. And a spin-off from Eremidia: An Empty Tome!


Is RMN game required to include RTP?

First, I would like to apologize in advance if it's already discussed or mentioned on another thread/rules. I just have no idea where to look. I guess, I will ask it here.

Is RMN game require to include RTP for download? I guess, since RMN feels like universal site which hold most of RPG Maker games or even other engines, then it's a mandatory that RPG Maker games should include the RTP.

I would be happy to hear any answers :)

Accidentally Sign up

Hi, I'm new in RMN
I'm one of Music Composers in Indonesian RPG Maker forum
And I accidentally sign up when I saw a RPG Music Challenge event, lol.

Now I'm trying to improve my pixelart skill
<< and this avatar was made by me. what do you think? xD

nice too meet you all.
glad to be here

Note: I'm sorry for bad grammar. I'm not fluent in english xD

Theo's midi


I'm not sure whether I'm a real composer or not. But I've composed some midi track. feel free to use in non-commercial or commercial project as long as u credit me. But if you use it in a commercial project, please give me a free copy of the game :D

list of free BGM
Ambient01 Nebula Cloud @ 2010
Ambient02 Science @ 2010
Battle01 Battle at The Doomsday @ 2010
Battle02 An Avenger @ 2010
Dungeon01 An Abandoned site @ 2009
Dungeon02 Deception Dungeon @ 2009
Dungeon03 Sewer Dungeon @ 2009
Field01 Laying in highwind @ 2011
Field02 Long Road Into the Sky @ 2011
Field03 Return Home @ 2011
Jingle01 Credits @ 2010
Jingle02 Jingle of Memories @ 2010
Jingle02b Jingle of Memories piano @ 2010
Jingle03 Piano Flute @ 2009
Jingle04 Jingle of Death @ 2010
Mount01 High Hills @ 2009
Negative01 An Emptyness Space @ 2010
Negative02 Invasion @ 2010
Scene01 Lucid Night @ 2010
Scene02 Mission briefing (futuristic theme) @ 2011
Scene03 Steady Cloud @ 2011
Theme01 A life @ 2010 (bisa buat town juga)
Theme02 Sky is Calling @ 2011
Theme03 Allen's March @ 2010
Theme04 Skyland @ 2010
Town01 Reminiscence @ 2009
Town02 Town theme @ 2009
Town03 Lazy Morning @ 2011
Town03b Good Morning @ 2011

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note: sorry for bad grammar. I'm not fluent in english.
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