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Battle System Plans

Combo hits are the main source of MP he said. Where it may take a bit of HP off just to add a bit of an extra bit into it, but it'll restore a great deal of MP, and when he said combo, he means it. He plans to make it where the more times this combo hits, the more MP you gain, and one hit gains a decent amount. Defending is just so you can always have one other way to gain MP and HP in one turn.

He also wants to add in unlockables so that people won't be skipping battles using the simulate battle system. Where you gain battle points you can use on newgame+ while also unlocking additional, current playthrough quests.

Battle System Plans

My friend is telling me about this game he's making and so I wish to discuss it with you all.

It's sorta unique, but not. I think it's cool. It's using RPG MAKER, obviously, and it will not have the function to wait, it'll be all action turn based, based on agility, but not just that. He plans to have every character in the game have a default 999 MP, and each action they do other than items, defending (heals, and gives MP), and MP combo hits, uses MP up. IE, you start with 0 during each battle, and have to build your way up to perform better abilities, even attacking uses it up. The only thing they doesn't use MP is the pet you have that is AI controlled, strong, but slow.

Anyway, he wants to have it like Pokemon in terms of view where your back is facing the player, enemy is in the foreground, facing the team and you. Now onto the next part. He wants battle simulation where you can use up the previous MP you've gained to not fight the next battle, but instead it gives you your items, gold, and exp but a lot less. All enemies will be on the screen like Chrono Trigger, and goes after you, and then when touched you go into the battle screen. He plans to have it where you can only simulate battles half way into the game.

Is it sounding okay so far, in concept?

Fast Times at Aremen High: Sign-Ups

I'll be in. I don't have a sprite for me, but choose anything you want for me. Hell even base it on my Avatar if you'd like? Hell base me on the clueless one who is always doing something way totally too ambition for me, but always asks too many questions, yet stills acts like a know it all douchebag with way too much of a creative mind for my own good.

Forever's End

I'd suggest all graphics, sounds, music, whatever he can't legally use for a profit, to be changed, and he eventually sell the full game down the road. It'd be worth it.

RPG Maker 2003 Question of Legalities

I'm already paying the artist a 50/50 royalty plan, and higher page rates than normal. I can't afford to pay someone to program it. There any programs made that would allow the very thing I'm trying to do?

RPG Maker 2003 Question of Legalities

Look at it like this. It's better to have those few pebbles than nothing at all.

RPG Maker 2003 Question of Legalities

My idea is to kind of slow down the average person, so when someone does come along to pirate it, we're bound to have made decent cash off of it. IE, hide the files, and each new release will come with a password in the eventing itself that is emailed to them. Ace should be able to pull enough off.

RPG Maker 2003 Question of Legalities

Not illegal if I do decide to get the legal version of Ace.

RPG Maker 2003 Question of Legalities

The part about screen capping, well the thing is, it's rather tedious work to do, and it's safer to assume most of the people would rather read it than go through the trouble of doing that, and even safer to assume people won't decrypt the files.

It's also safe to assume that once it gets popular enough to warrant those who will do it, to do it, the piracy will more so help it than ruin it.
It would take me all of 5 minutes to write a script to rip them.
You're not the average person. The average person won't just go out and rip the files. I'm not saying every single person wouldn't do it, but music still sells good, games, movies, manga, books, all sell well enough because the average person still buys them.

How about a visual novel?

Easier to just rig it up where once you push a specific key it moves on to the next panel.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II

You should eventually do it, and eventually do games on Ace since it's possible to export them to Steam.