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Need Help Finding a game on RMN

Nope, the one I'm looking for, if I recall correctly, it's entire world, characters too, looks like something off of FF6.

Blackmoon Prophecy II

I mean demo update. As in like if there were plans for another, updated, longer demo. I didn't notice I spelled demon instead of demo.

Also I mean monsters. Bosses themselves are okay for starting off, but could use a bit more...tweaking. Such as a little less robotic in how they perform their abilities against you. You basically can plan everything out after a few turns.

Monsters themselves need to be tougher, but you need to limit how many times you can get into a random encounter. It's fairly annoying when you get in one, win, and walk a few steps to get into another one. To balance it out, I suggest making them tougher so it makes up for the time saved via tweaking random encounter speeds.

Also is it okay if I suggest a sort of opt out for random encounters? A sort of encounter bar you can see on the screen that fills up, and once it's filled up, you get into a fight, and if you time it right, you can waste gold to choose not to get into that random fight?

Lastly, my other suggestion is hidden bosses of sorts for each map that has encounters, but very rare to actually run into.

Sort of like a king type based on the enemies you fight. Say you fight a lot of spiders (like in the grotto), you can walk around for a chance to fight a rare monster, mini boss type of creature. Not something that's like these hidden super bosses (I assume you'll have those, too) but something special to make people want to walk around into each map to get into a random encounter. Like a really buff version of the current map's toughest monsters, but bigger in graphics and detail, which when defeated could earn a shit ton of gold or experience.

While you're busy, and you basically already know what you want in, I just want to toss my ideas in.

Blackmoon Prophecy II

Need Help Finding a game on RMN

I cannot remember it's name at all, nor does searching for it on here help. If I recall it's 2k3 (perhaps not) and it uses the tile sets if I recall from FF6.

It's in a steampunk world, and the opening starts out with what I recall as airships flying around, where you can see some flying, and some of the shadows on the ground flying above.

It's a fantasy, steam punk game. Does anyone recall the name of it?

Blackmoon Prophecy II

Any word on if you know when you'll be able to release like a demon update to the previous demo, or a schedule for the full release?

This game might as well be an official Final Fantasy game. Hell I suggest once it's fully created and spread around via downloads, you send the full game to Square and see if they like it.

Also, by linear on here, do you mean people won't be able to go back to places or go around the world, or do you mean just when starting off so that balancing won't be an issue when they finally do get around to traveling?

Secondly, I beat the demo rather quickly. Perhaps an hour of gameplay over all, a bit more?

Monsters were fairly easy once you understood the limits and summons, and I tried my best to collect all of the cards but am lacking only 2 and cannot find them anywhere in the city.

2K3 Timer help

Basically. I want it used as being a point system. The more you move forward, the more points you get. But if you press other buttons you lose points, thus the wrong movements and it's game over. I'm thinking about giving a start time, and you move and earn time.

I might do it as you run into crystals or something which earn the points that way.

2K3 Timer help

Well I'm asking help creating that event. I'm having trouble with it.

2K3 Timer help

I know how to set time, but I need to know how to event it so I can actually control it in game, right now to the very second.

2K3 Timer help

So I need some help with the 2K3 Timer set up.
Firstly I need to know if it is possible to have it where the time is on, but only goes up 1 second every time you push a specific button, and lose a second if you push the wrong buttons?

For instance say you have to move forward while dodging objects, and if you push forward you earn 1 second each time you're pushing forward, but it forces you to move backwards, and up and down more often, thus losing time. Then an event where if you have 0 seconds or less (you start with a second so as to not instantly create a game over loop) and thus if you lose all your time it's a game over.

I know how to set the time event where it'll activate the game over, but not where it'll gain or lose seconds with the button push.

Rage Inducers' Random Number Generator

I decided just to have all stop the moment the player touches one of the balls itself.

The main problem was having to change one of the Ball events to allow other events to pass over it, so it doesn't stop the other spinning balls. The main issue I saw with this is if you are lucky enough you could slip passed it, into the middle of the spinning events.

But I countered this with making it's frequency and speed 5 times faster for each, and with all of them being "collision" based, it should make up for that empty spot.

there are 8 balls, they go into a small square, spinning fast enough to blend in to each of the other ball events, and each event has a different out come.

IE, one gives 2511 experience, which with my experience system causes 1 level up for each map, and it consists of 5 levels, and 5 maps. Each level also gives you a level password, that allows you to get back to the level you were at when you...failed/(at the start of the first map.) Levels are useless, and only help with few stat issues, and fights will consist of a lot of little events that happen at certain times to make the fights very...rage inducing. There will also be boss fights in the ball events if you're unlucky enough to get that ball. Very long and drawn out boss fights, based on your level, with barley any experience given after you win.

There is no killing them, the main point is to live long enough for the final event to trigger, causing the enemies just to die out. But after you win, it sends you right back to the title screen. One ball event will also be useless and just change the BGM of the next map.

For example of the battles (boss one's at least) there will be 1 enemy that can be hurt, and 3 others who can't. Those others don't attack directly, but can cause status effects, good, or bad for both the enemy and/ or the player, while some heal.

There will always be one low healing enemy who heals more often, one super healer who heals max more slowly (and rarely will heal the boss and player at once with a "Massive Wind" ability, and 1 status inducing monster, IE the first boss has a low level poison monster. The first boss is called "The Random" and it's abilities are a lot, and random of course, but that isn't the main reason it has it's name.

During the fight, it gives you the ability to heal very little each hit, a little more every other hit, and every so many turns it heals you a great deal, and every turn it heals 90 percent of it's own HP.

The low healing monster absorbs your HP to heal the boss. Coupled with the above it lasts a long time. You're also very slow, where waiting for your bar to fill up, it can knock out 10 to 15 attacks on you, and the battle ends when you make 5 turns. It takes a good 10 to 15 minutes to make those 5 turns.