I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.



accha art, yay

Though you do have the skill for it. I can tell from what you've posted above.

accha art, yay

My other artists I've had in the past didn't have the dedication either. I even tell them right up I don't mind how long it takes to do so long as they don't vanish without word, and give them 95 percent creative freedom where I only have 5 percent when it comes to main character designs.

I get them, they then don't say anything, don't do any work, and vanish in over a few weeks.


So I'm thinking about renaming this story from Hellfire, to "Nightmare Overdose".

accha art, yay

This may be random, but I posted a topic in here about looking for an artist willing to do a comic/manga of sorts, and I'd like to know, would that be something you'd one day be interested in?

Not counting just that, I also have some huge connections to huge people who would promote it to millions of their fans. So that's a plus.

Any Artist looking for Work?

I am still looking for any decent artist who would be willing to work towards a comic/manga type of series. Firstly, you have 95 percent creative control/freedom minus when it comes to character designs.

Any Artist looking for Work?

Any Artist looking for Work?

Well which would be better? Manga direction would be unique, and would help push people into accepting it as a valid medium in the US a bit more.
(Sorry, I'll have something tomorrow. Edit: Actually, I'll take a look at your work so I have a better idea of what you want.). Here in the US, you can find as many mangas in the traditional direction as in the Western direction. I've never studied the marketing and really don't know if one style sells better than the other.

What I meant by valid medium is that I wish to help make manga more accepted like how comics are in the US as it stands.

Any Artist looking for Work?

I'm working on a comic commission at the moment and while I'd be tempted, the fact that there's no guarantee of payment and not knowing what story/genre it'll be about are major cons for me.
Still, good luck with the project!

That's some of it, and actually the part I want illustrated to use as a sort of oneshot to test the waters with.

Any Artist looking for Work?

Well which would be better? Manga direction would be unique, and would help push people into accepting it as a valid medium in the US a bit more.

Any Artist looking for Work?

Is there any decent artist who can do good in the style of manga (and good with paneling) that would be willing to join me in illustrating a story I created for a sort of one shot manga? While I cannot pay right away, it can and will be sold and you, the artist can earn profit.

The good thing about the above is that SMOSH already agreed to promote it if they feel it has potential, as well as ForneverWorld of Youtube wishes to review and promote it.

So would there be any artist willing to join me?

Smosh agreed since I have another artist working on a story of mine so while he's busy and can't start our job right away, I decided to start back work on an older but fan favorite story of mine.