I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.



Secret/ Super Boss length

I started to wonder something. How long should a secret/super boss battle go on for?
I was thinking about doing one in a whole different fashion on a fan game I was/am working on where (it is a Final Fantasy one) the weapons are specially designed to fuse together, to make an optional, super boss.

Having 6 parts (weapons) to fight. Head, Torso, Left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg. They don't look like body parts until they fuse into each other. Then it becomes a use weapon, which goes searching for armor and a weapon. Once it becomes the super boss (super weapon) it would become the Omega Weapon with the armor, and then the Super Omega with the weapon. This would make for a very long, yet spaced out battle.

You can destroy each weapon so it cannot become the super boss, for little less exp each, or go through and allow it to combined and get greater exp as a whole.
The idea was to allow you to get it to Super Omega, which makes it kind of like fighting Sin from X, where you kill it, and the chest cracks open, and allows you to go inside. It being like a magical world inside of him where you can obtain your ultimate weapons II.

This would make it long, but with extra gameplay. Would something like this be too long? Do you like long special fights where you get it over with, or ones that allow breaks inbetween?

Tim Rogers - A planet without Square Enix

Square started to suck after the merger. It is obvious.

Also, all the games after Final Fantasy 9 started to suck ass and go into a totally different direction.

If they want to keep the old/ original fans, they seriously need to go back to their roots and study up on what made them famous.

Most likely, they won't, though. As people would still buy the shit as long as Final Fantasy's name is plugged into any generic, bastardized game.

Also I'd not mind a 7 remake as long as they keep it EXACTLY the same, only with new graphics. No new text. No new gameplay. No new options/system (battle system, item,armor,weapon system and so on). If it keeps the original game, then I'm all for it.

Has anyone?

Has anyone ever got a chance to play 'The Rose Chronicles'? If so, how good is it, and is there anyone with a link as I cannot find one. I saw screenshots and it looks wickedly awesome. Any good?

Resource Museum

Anyone happen to have some decent sized Final Fantasy 1-3 battle character sets for 2k3? The biggest size they allow, yet still has good quality and detail?

I am needing an Artist for a Final Fantasy fan-game.

Until I can get an Artist, can anyone link me to Final Fantasy Battle Characters? Decent sized ones that still fit on RPG Maker 2003?

Game-play functionality

Wanted to know how this sounds and how I would (if possible) be able to go about it using Rpg Maker 2003.

I wanted to give each character the ability to use their maximum amount of MP points at the start of the game, so to speak. Were they have it but they have it at 0 and earn MP points during battle when they attack their enemies. Sort of like absorbing, but I don't know how to go about it.

The reason I wanted to do this, is because I don't know any possible way to make new moves appear once they get so much points. Like a Limit Break. But with this way, they can easily earn MP points and once the set amount is earned, they can use their special limits. Also to add leveled up spells, just makes it easier.

I am needing an Artist for a Final Fantasy fan-game.

Yeah. I didn't explain any further as it is kind of hard when you're giving them complete artistic control. To explain what you need in terms of art would take away from that by each little bit.

But maybe this will help out a bit more.

The style I'm looking for, would be the style (not really how it looks, but I cannot explain it with any other word, my bad) of Final Fantasy 3. The one with Kefka.

I don't want to say anything else, as it would only decrease their control a bit more. If they know of how the old styled games looked like and felt, then that can/may help them out a little-bit more.

Oh, and I do realize that I should have posted the story, but you cannot blame me for forgetting. I was tired, but was still dedicated in getting this topic posted before resting. So of-course a few things would be left out. But I'll add right now, the basic story of it. Also it may seem a bit cliche, but all fan games that try to stay true to the series, will be just that.

I do have the basics of the story down. It is set in a world that is highly advanced in terms of technology. Most of the people in this world work in the field of Science. No one believes in anything that is magical. They deem these instances merely as Illusions as they feel they aren't really happening, that only their senses are being deceived. The evil that is threatening the world, such is how all FF got their name, is the final source of evil, that would destroy their world, is that of a man who has been bound to the force that fills the entire planet. A magical Wave. He is duty-bound to protect it and he is growing tired of it; tired of having to live out his life, protecting something that he never wished upon himself as well as never leaving, as he must stay hidden in secrecy. His home land, his village, his race, must never go outside of their barrier. So he decides to take hold of the Wave of Magic and absorb it into his being, to use this new-found power to create a world more suited to his desires. That desire is to wipe it of all existence so he is the only one left, so he doesn't have to worry about hiding anything, from anyone. Ever again.

This is the basic story. I know it seems over-used in Final Fantasy. What with advanced technology and magic. But it has to have those things, in my opinion, to be true to the roots of the series. Well not much the technology, but it helps.

I am the writer. I am the one putting the game together, as well. I already have a friend willing to make the music free-of-charge. I just need like 10-20 some monsters made up, some character sprites as well as battle sprites. This is so I can create a demo as soon as possible. I feel, when creating a game, people don't actually go for making the demo. It just so happens, they release one later on. I want to make the demo firstly.

I am needing an Artist for a Final Fantasy fan-game.

Sorry for the double post, but just really needing one as quick as possible. Peace.

I am needing an Artist for a Final Fantasy fan-game.

I'm in need of someone who can pixel decently. I'm working on a Final Fantasy game. Yes, I am working on making it. To bring back the old style that I grew up with, instead of the crap being released as of lately.

The Rpg Maker being used, is Rpg Maker 2003. But I'm using the David Overdrive Patch. Just to let you know. I need someone who can do battle backdrops, Monster sprites, Battle Sprites for the characters, and just sprites for walking around. I know that this may be a lot to ask for, but I am giving you, the Artist, 100% creative access. Just make new art, that would fit for Final Fantasy. Use your imagination to the fullest.

Now, if I cannot get my friend's help for music, is there anyone here willing to make music that would fit Final Fantasy? Midi or MP3 or even a mix of both, even though it would be pointless for that part of it.

I don't have any sort of dead-line, just as long as whomever joins, does get it done, at-least.



Cut scenes: how long is too long?

Hell I like old school RPGs and their stories much better than most of the crap they shove down our throats, nowadays.
A lot of the old ones were only able to work on the story (more than other parts of the game(s)) and not much else as they didn't have the technology that we have today. Now all they focus on, would be how it looks, the system and not worry too much about the story like they used to.

Only a person who wasn't really into those games back in the day would say they didn't do much with the stories, that or they are too young. Like the old Final Fantasy games (well FF3, to the most part), Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire. Those types had great stories.