I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.



Introducting characters: too soon or too late?

I kind of like to mix in-between character gaining. Like the main ones you get, I'd have obtained based on a story progression level. But have a few characters that you can gain as a filler, so to speak. Ones that really don't fit into the story and wouldn't change the story (if much at all) if you had them or not. Just have them as powerhouses.

Double Standards

I'm on Thiamor's side. Unless the creator of Exit Fate specifically asked for the game to be removed. (just like Marvel wanted Marvel Brothel gone)

Also, you know how long it took my friend to even get the okay from him to use it? Over a year. Even if I made a game that used 100% of his stuff, he'd not even notice. Not going to do that, and it is wrong to think like that. I'm just saying that he basically has not done much else work in the terms of gaming as far as I'm aware of.

Also I planned to remove all of the charasets that were original, once I got the basic story down. Then all I need to do is switch out those graphics.

Double Standards

2k3 is illegal

rips are illegal

Edifice is the only legal game

Actually the translated 2K3 is. The one that was released only in Japan is okay. I think.

Double Standards

Well not that they need to be on here (tuts), but Google can help find those. I won't argue about that. I could learn to pixel, and do custom graphics in that sense, and I probably should have. My point I was trying to make, is what Lennon said, about the Genocide of the games. What I did is wrong in terms of copying, but I had permission, but at the same time I was doing what a lot of people already have done in the past, present and will do in the future of gaming. I don't mean just this site.

Double Standards

I forgot to mention, my friend who is with me in making my games, got the permission from him. Took forever. I even posted that on my profile..but it seems it doesn't really matter. Double Standards are still Double Standards.

But I didn't use the obvious custom things in that game. His Face images he used was too obvious and I just didn't want to use it.

I did use a few other obvious images, but that was to be changed in the later versions. This was more-so for the people to test out the story of it. A story with images, better explains something in terms of playing a game, than just reading about it.

Also to Booble, I personally wouldn't care as long as credit is given, as I gave credit. Anything that would direct others to my game, is okay by me.

No save marathon game. Good or bad idea?

10 hours is most of someone's day. No one you're going to get to play it, will spend almost all day playing something that doesn't allow some sort of saving.

I think the max should be 2 to 3 hours long. That or there is an option that allows to turn saving on and off, so those who have the time can switch it off and try it out.

Double Standards

This feedback is to whoever decided to deny my Gamer Profile, after accepting it the first time around.

I just don't agree with it. Of course I used Exit Fate's resources, but only a small percentage of that game is original. The story (the idea of it), has been used in many games, but the main type is of Suikoden 2. The Tilesets aren't even his. The music isn't, and sound effects aren't. Hell, I'm having a hard time believing even the charasets are even his own creation. I am pretty sure a lot of your subs on this game uses resources from other games. Most of Exit Fate's music is of Final Fantasy, Wild Arms 2 and so on.

If this is how you're going to do your job, by denying a right to someone who is doing what many others already do, I might as well quit your site, as well as give you a pretty bad feedback reply. This was only leading up to what could be even worse.

This message alone on the notice that it was denied, makes the site's staff very unprofessional.

Your submission, Crest, was denied. Reason was: "This is being denied until you remove every single Exit Fate resource in the game. Seriously tacky, dude.".

I don't think you should have a right to tell me to remove every resource from that game until you remove EVERY SINGLE GAME that copies resources from other games. Until that time I feel I should have it re-accepted. I don't think you want to have a bad impression with the game designers who want to make fan-made games or anything such as that, am I right?

Also I'm not some butt-hurt kid. I'm just pissed that I was looked at badly and denied after being accepted, when you have people doing the same basic things, most likely every day.

Until something is changed about how the staff on here does things, this site is looked down upon by myself, as your actions are considered to be double standard by allowing others the right to do what I did, and I was the one to be cut-out.

Also I'm not sure how you also act when reading these types of topics, but I am hoping this isn't locked, deleted, or whatever and I to be banned for speaking out against this. But instead, I'm hoping to get some-sort of a reply. Not one talking about what resources that I came to use, as that is irrelevant to the fact that others do the same-thing as this site is filled with more amateur stuff than professional stuff, and the most that you're going to get out of a lot of the amateur stuff is copied resources. That much is made blatantly clear and obvious.

No save marathon game. Good or bad idea?

Just do the simple 'get a password at the end/start of each level. So you can always type it in and go back, but, maybe try to make it were there are 10 to 20 different sets of passwords for each level, so it changes each time you play. So, use the standard saves, to somehow be able to only save the passwords and not the character, which could auto load and see which password you used and change accordingly. Then they can still return, but fear death as they cannot use the same password they firstly got, every-single-time.


My friend already got the permission for me. As he 'tried' to get him to join us, he couldn't and gave permission.

Also 95% of the graphics are not his, and I don't need to ask him to use them. Such as a hell of a lot of tilesets, music and such. His stuff, I do have permission for.


I'm using the Fog function to add a smokey feel to it, yet at the same time it adds a 3D look to it when it pans around.