I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.




I said I have Suikoden Sprites. I thought I also mentioned I used Ext Fate's resources, but I also used Suikoden stuff. Just because I don't have a screenshot of -all- that I said I'm using doesn't make it not there.


Sunei Village. I'm highly positive anyone can really read that out. It fits better than some Default Text as it looks better.


Given it is a still image, it is hard to understand what this is.
It is a Forest on fire.

What I -REALLY- wanted to do was to find some animation (anime styled video, not some 3D animation) of a forest on fire that lasts like 5 minutes, but also loops perfectly if need be. But I got this, instead.


No, I meant mostly for music. But there are ripped sprites from Suikoden and such, but not as much compared to maps and music.

Also it is so cool how my views jumped from 9 through 10 to 198. I -so- didn't expect that in this short of a time period of submitting it.

Battle lengths

Well I had a secret boss battle last for a good 2 hours before, which is over kill, but any hardcore gamer going after them, will be doing it no matter what the time.

But remember this. Time isn't much of a factor, if they are not repetitive in actions. It keeps it enjoyable if they don't repeat a lot in a given set of time.

Button Mash - Forcing the player to use different skills

LOVE that idea.
They had something kind of like that in Final Fantasy 10.

Game-play functionality

I meant more-so, different types of hits that any enemy can do. A special hit, that even if the weakness if fire, the hit will 'act' as if it is fire, and only strike at that person's weakness. Every enemy having this attack and having a 50/50 chance of using it, could be enough.

An examination of combining videos and gaming

Well if video production is something you're into, I'm creating a full length game. Always wanted to have someone into it, to make videos for it, so that I can later insert them into the game. It also will allow me to FINALLY have people on the credit list other than myself, for once. Thus making the game that little bit longer with the credits showing, plus the video cut scenes.

Game-play functionality

I'd do it the other way around, if anything. Make it so if you get the killing blow, part of your XP is given to the rest of the party. The guy who gets the killing blow is more likely than not to be the strongest character already.

But, say you're trying to level someone up and they are the one to get the last hit. It'd take longer to level them up if part of your exp is given away to other members.

This is why it'd be better to make every playable character have a weakness that can be struck, so to speak, during any given fight. So they aren't over powered, and their weakness makes it possible.

Game-play functionality

How about making the system where you choose how much percentage each person gets, and the rest that is saved up, is used on the person who got the last, killing blow in battle?

Say when you obtain a player, there will be a page that pulls up that shows their stats, and their exp growth sheet, and then it lets you change the percentage of how much they gain each battle. Then everyone gets it, but you have a choice on how much is saved up for that 'last hit' scenario.