I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.



Game-play functionality

New idea I want to discuss with you all.
An Experience System. One in which the leader (same type of leader as above) gets all of the exp, and he only gets to use what is assigned to him to use, then the rest he assigns to the people he has in his party. You can save it up, then switch people out with people who did NOTHING in the fights to earn it, and give them the experience for quicker level gaining. How does this sound?

Button Mash - Forcing the player to use different skills

I agree with a lot of what Einander said (excellently written, btw), but I don't like the idea of getting rid of your lower level spells. Yes, it does clutter up your spell list when you have to scroll through "Fire 1, Fire 2, Fire 3", etc, but I think the failing isn't that you have them, it's that there aren't enough opportunities to use your lower level spells once you get the next level up. This, I think, is a mistake on the part of the game creator. I like my options to be open in a fight, and until someone figures out a sliding power indicator that lets me choose how powerful an attack I want my fire spell to be, I'd rather have multiple levels of the same spell that I can use differently in different situations.

An example off the top of my head: Let's say you're fighting an ice monster. Obviously you go for your most powerful fire spell to melt the bastard's face. Ah, but what's this? He's right next to a monster that explodes when struck with fire, dealing your party massive damage, and your high level fire spell always has splash damage! What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?

You use your lowest level fire spell, of course, thus melting frozen face and keeping you and your buddies alive. Man, aren't you glad you held on to that weak little spell?

And so on.

I'm not saying you shouldn't have a system that replaces each level spell with the next, but I enjoy a system that makes clever use of the spells I've already learned, giving me more control over a battle and pushing me to use a bit of strategy. Not for every fight, no; this seems to be something a lot of people agree on, you don't want to bog the player down with fight after fight of mental challenge. But every once in a while, it's fun to see something clever and new, something that makes me think. It keeps the game from getting "grindy", and makes the entire experience more fun.

TL;DR - Options are good, but don't overdo it.

With that in mind, I always wanted each spell being able to level up so that even if you get the next version (level) of that spell, you can level up your lower level spells and have it be just as strong, and yet it still uses less MP to use them, so it gives the player a chance to hit hard yet minimize the amount of MP you have to use.

Methods of garnering inspiration

What I do to get inspiration would happen to be:

1. I go over my previous games I've made as well as other people's games such as amateur and professional.

2. I listen to video game music, and other music such as Rock, Classical a lot, metal and so on.

3. I watch TV.

What are your best time savers and shortcuts?

I copy my skills in the DB, and just go and edit out the stuff I don't need, then change the name. This allows for quicker creation of skills. Also this isn't too much of a shortcut, but when saving sprites into RPG MAKER and such, I save them in alphabetical order based on what game they will be in. This will make it much easier to search through many sprites, to find the ones you need, instead of scrolling down or up a lot to find 1.

4 hour game

I'll so join this, then. A Puzzler Game is the best fit for something like this.

What does it mean for a game to be an RPG?

But a car will always be just that. A car. There is no, sub-anything for a car that would change what it is. There is no other way to do it without being unrealistic. This is the same as saying I'm wrong about liking RPG when someone else doesn't and that I should follow the same opinions as them.

There is no one, solid definition. The moment more than 1 way to explain something comes out, the moment 1 more person will choose different than other people.

You can try as hard as you like. But you'll have a hard time getting one solid piece to work with to get most to agree on it.

But what I was mainly trying to say was how he contradicted himself a few times.

What does it mean for a game to be an RPG?

I'll double post so you could see it:

I see where the contention mainly comes from. You guys are upset of my use of the word 'every'. :(

It's perhaps not every. I wished someone would have kinda suggested that. But peoples hubris - as well as my own - got in the way.

My guidelines are just that, guidelines. If you follow them you would have an RPG - albeit cookie cutter. Stray too far, and we've gotten into the realm of sub-genres and one-off's, which could still indeed be RPG's.

You mention that RPG is what you make of it. But then you go and say that in which I used Bold, as well as saying "just know that if others think you don't have an RPG, would suggest you probably don't have an RPG." Well if I think I have one then I have one. It matters not if others don't think so. You contradicted yourself quite a few times, actually. Saying one thing then going and saying something else.

The RPG Genre is, though, based on mostly what the consumer thinks of it, but also if I made one and said it is an RPG, then to me it is.

Game-play functionality

Well I don't mean instantly. Not like 1 hit KO.
The timer allows for people to bring the leader back. The leader is strong based on his/her stats and other members mastered stats plus passive skills.

But if dead and the timer runs out, game over.

What does it mean for a game to be an RPG?

I've always considered Zelda RPG. From the NES when it started, and up.

Game-play functionality

Well the stat thing for allies was that you'd gain the strongest stat he/she/it has/ trained for, but in return it takes away from the stats it is weaker with. It'd not add, say, 10+10 to agi, if they are weak in Agi. It'd be 10-10 so it'd be 0. So then they have to get individuals good in a set of stats that they, themselves, are more comfortable with.

If the person made their person the leader is using for stats, mastered in Strength, then that is the only stat added for the Leader. The moment you get the recruits, it will ask what stat that you'd like to Master with them. You can only choose 1 until you get them to level 100, then it will reset your level but with the mastered stat, and then ask if you'd like to master another. This way, will add longer play time to the game, also.