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RPG Maker Questions: Technical and otherwise

Can anyone help me find and configure an Auto life script?

What does it mean for a game to be an RPG?

An RPG is solely any game that gives you some sort of Role to play out.
I couldn't read the rest of your post, this blew my mind. This is the most ignorant statement anyone could make about an RPG. -Any- game forces you to take control of a role. Mario in Super Mario Brothers, God in Black&White, The guy stacking the tetrads in Tetris. This is not the defining feature of the genre.

Call it ignorant all you want, but I don't lack in knowledge when it comes to games as I've probably played more than most of the members here.

An RPG isn't just 1 thing that defines it. As I stated, and it is obviously correct as there are MANY things that can define the genre. It is like saying there is only 1 defining feature, word or whatever that explains the genre of music known as Metal. When in reality, it is thousands of things that define it. This whole argument as to what it is, is so pointless. Like that one person talking about stats and skills. That is one common factor most people use, but it isn't the major thing about it.

Again, call me ignorant, but I'm right in this sense. There is no winning when talking about what an RPG really is, and no one is right or wrong.

What does it mean for a game to be an RPG?

An RPG is solely any game that gives you some sort of Role to play out.

This is why there are things such as 'Fantasy RPG' and the like.

An RPG needn't any fantasy elements, magic, or really any actual story to follow, to be considered an RPG; for an example, you're, say, just on a game that places you right in the middle of a fight, or race, or anything with no story as to why you're doing it, it still is an RPG as your role is to play this character, thing, or what-have-you, through the game.

Many people think too hard on the matter, and try to just place very specific elements on the genre of the RPG's as if that is the only thing that it is.

Really, any game is an RPG. They just try to recycle and chance that name on many games to give it a new genre to work with as most people think of RPG games as some fantasy type of game. Such as Final Fantasy. Which then could lower sales if those people who hate those types of games saw that it was an RPG.

Graphic Novels or Mangas?

One, huge long comic? That is pretty much saying comics cannot be big; but as most comics are of a series, and even graphic novels have series.

There is no difference in what they are by name. The ONLY difference is what goes into each made. The subject matter, and what the creator wishes to brand it as. The only reason they have separate names is based on culture, tradition and personal preferences.

Is grinding a flaw in rpgs?

I meant it evens out the time it takes to grind, over the time it takes to play the game. In my opinion.
I just feel a short game doesn't need grinding. Instead a decent system of experience points given and needed, so to speak. Because to me, it just doesn't feel right. I have no way to explain myself as it doesn't change anything, really. But with a long game, grinding just feels better than grinding on a short, short game.

Game-play functionality

Wild Arms 2 also did if you don't recall.
I just wanted to revamp the idea for my own style.


Any idea when this will be done? Reminds me of Wild Arms and like Secret of Mana.

Game-play functionality

Okay, I wanted to talk about the functions that go into game play and what seems like a good thing to add to games.
Mostly I'm going for Fantasy RPG types. Like I wanted to make a game, as one did it like this before and I wanted to tweak it a little-bit.

I wanted to add Continue Coins in which you win from boss battles and mini games.
These Coins are used so when you die, they restart the battle and you're funny healed as well as the enemy. Then I wanted to add people in town that are used as special types of save points. Where if you record your 'soul' in their books, if you don't have a Continue Coin it brings you back there instantly and healed as well as you can save the actual game in their books. Also I wanted to make a game, which I am, based on the Suikoden Series, but every person you recruit can be used in battles, which in Suikoden they can, but the idea is this.

You have 6 members, 2 in the out section which you can bring over and switch out. Which seems okay. But here is where it gets fun. If anyone dies, it pulls up the out section, you then choose which one to bring in. Say both out die, then it pulls up a list and allows you to choose right then and there who out of all recruited, who to use to fight with until there is no one left. This allows for longer fights and less dying, but to cause a game over without killing them all, you, the main character will have to die and not be healed in a set number of minutes.

I love the way Suikoden is so far, but this is how I'd do it. What do you all think and what would you do in terms of game play?

Emo Require: Do RPGs need a story?

RPG Is Role Playing Game (Obvious yet most ignore it.)

If you play a role in a game, no matter what type it is, it is an RPG.
Say your role in a game is to, race, with little to no story. It still is an RPG. They may call it sports, but the fact remains you have a role in the game upon playing it.

It is pointless to try to say what it really is, when there are basically millions of solutions as to what it could be. RPG isn't really about the story, but it really isn't about anything other than the fact you're playing a role of something else.

A good story is good. Good game play is good. But what is good and bad is totally an irrelevant point given all games go for is the opinions of the consumers.

RPG = almost anything in terms of gaming.

Is grinding a flaw in rpgs?

Grinding would be a flaw, if the actual game itself was very short. Then in that case it'd be like 85% of the actual game-time would be filled with grinding and fighting insanely, beastly enemies. But if the game is a full length rpg game, then the grinding only makes sense. It evens out the game-play to a certain degree..