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RPG Maker Questions: Technical and otherwise

"RPG Maker Questions: Technical and otherwise"

Okay, I've got 1 question, and the other part of this topic will be finding someone willing to help and with a few things scripting wise via RPG Maker XP via MSN IM.

The very first question is as followed:

1. On RPG Maker 2003, they have a thing that memorizes the Map ID so you can quickly teleport back based on the thing that pulls up memorized ID's. The question is, is there anything like that in XP? I cannot seem to find it.

Now, I'm in need, greatly, of someone who is basically a master in the Ruby Scripting Language so they can in-fact help me code in a video with the Title screen, as well as emulate, so-to-speak, the Suikoden styled battles and war battles.

I've already started working on the game, but the scripting itself is what I'm lacking in and will be needing help in.

If anyone is actually willing to collaborate with me through Instant Messages, please, please, please post on here so I then can PM me my MSN IM Address.

Now to explain what the game is. I'm doing a fan version of the Hit RPG game known as Suikoden. As it has been seen many times over, it is a very hard and time consuming game to make. Many have failed due to what it takes to get the job done, but I have the time to do it. I have an online shirt shop as is the main job I've got now, so I don't have to worry about going to work and cutting time off of this.

The story is a What-if version of Suikoden 1. It tells the story of Tir if he didn't go into the Liberation Army at the time he did.

The time is 2 years later, after the fall of the current Liberation Army. During the timeline of the actual game, it had Odessa and Flic and others, but not many. This story has new playable characters, old, and will follow the same path but in a different way.

Now that I told you about it, I hope it helps get someone willing to be involved with it.

(Tau)Will map for booze and boredom!

I actually wanted to have a world map created. One like Chrono Trigger, where the character sprites shrink down. I will send you the basic shape of the world map and such, if you are willing to work on this one some.


I've my own game with an original plot and such as well though, which is still in the shop. It is based on this online game I play. Text based. Well, most of it is original then. It bases everything off of user created characters from the game I play. I choose which to add, and intertwine their stories into my main plot. The online game is called Hiddenworld. The plot starts off with 8 characters standing in a dark screen, and you choose which one to start first. You play through each of them one by one, learning a bit about them, and to see that each character is seen in each other characters back story arc. Well, it first starts out showing each of them together, facing off against the last boss, then a big blast happens and it goes to the character selection screen. Like showing the past and showing what led up to what you had seen. There are like many secret characters. Almost every character that helps you, even by talking, is a secret character. One guy is named Leon, who helps you get into an ancient city, that, on the Devil Moon, flies high into the sky and destroys the society. The Devil Moon is also used to mark when the strong monsters will be out, so you can level up more and gain special techniques. This game uses a timer, that is like 24 hours to us, but really on there, is like 30 minutes or so of playing. So every 3 or so hours, the Devil moon appears. Well, Leon is strong, and uses Grey Magic. The Mix between White and Black. He has a Skill called Black Omen, that absorbs HP and MP, lowers your defense, Magic defensive, speed and so on. It hurts the person and absorbs HP, so it doubles the damage. Works best when Leon is around 25-30% health..well, if he had like 1 HP left, it will do a great amount. There is a part where you build onto an airship and add what you want to it as well. There will be an Auto Pilot setting, where it will take you over head of places that you wish to go, but, you have to visit it first, or go onto it's database and add coordinates and see if it will work.


You mean like an ATB system, or battles taking place on the map with area attacks? If the former, it's very possible. Custom ATB systems are rarely good, however, and XP's DBS is perfectly fine.
The latter MIGHT be possible with a LOT of coding, but it just wouldn't be worth it. You generally shouldn't be taking inspiration from Chrono Trigger anyway.

People take inspiration from almost -EVERY- game. At least I'm taking it from a good game, and not from some lame one. Anyone have anything -beneficial- to say regarding my question?


I've got to know something. Is it possible to code on XP the way of Chrono Trigger? Like the battles that they had? Also, is there an actual place that may have the scripts that they used on the game?

In dire need of a coder or somewhat close coder for RPG MAKER 2003

I need someone who can code good enough to help me with RPG Maker 2003. I am pretty sure it is possible to use the one for XP to make it look 3d-ish. Mode something. Not sure the whole name. If someone can help add that and tell me if it is possible to make the battles like that of Chrono Trigger, please help or tell me yes or no :P

Legacies of Dondoran

I need a bit of help. I was flying towards a place on the dragon, and without thinking, I teleported away and now I cannot get my dragon back, and cannot get to it because you need a dragon. Care to help?