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Game Submission Question

Not much information I can give, but there is this.

Possible boss creating contest

Still think a week is too short if someone had something BIG in mind for a battle. So yeah, a month is too much, but a week is too small. I'd suggest 2 weeks, and an additional one week if enough people request the added time.

Possible boss creating contest

I got an idea. We'll start the contest, and have registrations last for a week while if possible, it being promoted that we're doing so on the front page.

After the registration deadline is met, they work on their boss battles for a month tops, and then they send us their battle.

One thing we can look for is how unique the battle itself is, in the following forms:

Graphical uniqueness
Functional uniqueness

Game Submission Question

I'd like to know something. It's not made in any RPG MAKER or game maker of any kind so I don't know the answer to this question.

But are the creators of King Arthur's Gold able to upload their game onto RMN, if they wanted to do so?

Possible boss creating contest

We should have some, but limited restrictions. Perhaps a limit to how long the boss can actually be so we don't have boss fights for judges going over 30 minutes to an hour, or longer.

Perhaps if we could also get this being official, and it being promoted on the front page, we might be able to get enough people to join this. I'd probably just join in as a judge, though, rather than actually try to make a fight of my own.

Though we need a list of things we're looking for, and grade the games based on that. What should we have on this list?

Possible boss creating contest

I'll get it set up soon.

Possible boss creating contest

I think it should be with eventing. That was my basic idea in my head anyway. Scripting is cool and all but leaves a huge, unfair advantage if you know a lot about how to script.

I think the only limitation to it should be eventing only, and it can be with any RPG MAKER.

Possible boss creating contest

We could do it where everyone has to use like the Goliath patch, and then it would work.

Possible boss creating contest

Also what if we had a thing where the top 5 battles are added into one rpg maker game of sorts where you get to fight all 5 of them, one after the other?

Possible boss creating contest

Well it's just a post I used to stress the concept. If they want context, add contest.

I plan on helping create the event, obviously but also joining in. Something along the lines of using the Goliath patch, while also making it where there is one player and there is only 2 option. Fight, and Item, and the items will be skill based, and stat based.

IE, some may increase your speed, or defense, some may jump in an added character to fight with you, but the main issue to make it hard is you start out super slow, but with super defense and high HP, and after like the enemy lands 20 turns (20 hits) you're able to move, and can go use a speed item to raise your over all agility, and then wait till 10 moves later to use a hasten ability, because once you land so much damage on the enemy, a timer is activated.

This time will do a massive attack and harm you, and so it's easier to become quicker, and then after the damage is done, and you heal yourself and cause him to have only 10 percent of his over all HP, he'll evolve (or use the transform function) to transform into a tougher form.

The second form doesn't hit as many times in a row, but can cause massive damage, and eventually a timer activates which lowers your HP and defense drastically.

Anyway I wish not to spoil it. If we do this, who would we vote for as judges?