I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.



Forever's Ecchi

I don't even see why people are even bothering with commenting negatively towards it in any manner.

This isn't some thing NicoB is known for doing everyday of his life. It's just a special thing. If they did it constantly, since the start, I'd begin to wonder. But doing this as a special, as well as to show off the Artist's work, it isn't really a bad thing, nor would people who actually are dedicated to the game and the person, would think badly of it.

Episode Two: What You Can Expect

Here is a unique idea for her, I think.
Have it if you have more than 1 thief in battle, they can combine a technique together, making it that much more powerful, in return, taking up 2 turns for the actual use of 1. Therefore balancing it out, so it is powerful, but takes up 2 party member's turns at once.

Inventory Nightmare

I don't mind it, either. Maybe once the game is done, starting on a revamped version, fixing up all messes and such would be good. But right now, it isn't bad.

The fire always burns

Well I thought he was done with this site after the move? Ill or not.

The fire always burns

No, it's a color! Get your facts straight!

The fire always burns

@Feldschlacht IV
What image? The image that I want to speak my opinion. Whether or not it is seen as good or bad, or liked or hated doesn't concern me in the least. An opinion doesn't at-all have to be liked by others to be an opinion, or else this world would be shitty, and probably blown the Hell up already.

I know people will read this, and my points make perfect sense to me, and I'm sure others, too. But my last post isn't even the crudest of them all. Are you talking about that, the others, or everything I've posted recently on this topic?

The last one, is just that I think if he is joining a site not known by much, and another mainly used for programmers, then most people over time will eventually forget about this, and his RPG Maker would fade out slowly. Not really die out, but just be in a list of forgotten makers.

Yeah. If he wants to leave, he can leave. As it is his choice. But it still is my right and my choice to speak on the matter. This is made public, after all. Unless this is the type of stuff you don't want. Free speech. People who are opinionated enough to speak out when they feel something is wrong. Yup. I can see how that can ruin things.

I don't disagree about his leaving as it is his choice. I just think he shouldn't say nothing good comes from this site, and just don't 'like' that he is gonna leave and not have some sort of updates on here. Many will follow him, yet many won't. There are those on the fence about whether to go on the site, or not, who would still love if he updated this, along with the others. This site needs a thing like Facebook has that lets people do wall posts from other places. Replace Wall post with 'updates' on his stuff from other sites

The fire always burns

Which after reading that, I feel the program will just die out. If he gets it done, more power to him. But after reading what you had just said, rcholbert, it'd most likely go into a list of game engines that go unnoticed. It'd better suit his actual project, to keep this updated. He doesn't have to like 24/7, but the best thing to do is update it every now and then. Maybe even have someone he talks to on here, off-site wise, I mean, update it for him, by him telling them what to add/take-off, if he is done being a part of the community. It would be a shame if RPG Maker 20XX goes to the bottom with the other engines that never see the light of day.

The fire always burns

Off topic for a moment, but Yellow...I swear I think there is an Orchestra called Yellow Magic that does Video game sounding Orchestra music. I don't know why I just now thought of it, but oh well. There is.

The fire always burns

I just hate when people leave and use some reason and make it out to be some other fault other than their own. You may not have meant it that way, but it seemed to me, that is what it meant. Your stuff is good as fuck, but what you said...well how you decided to say it, was annoying and sounded like what I had mentioned.

Most people who leave sites, 9 times out of 10, normally say it is something up with whatever they are leaving. It's pretty common. Also pretty annoying.

Also leaving, and stop updating here, when it is normally just a push of a button, a few words, and another push of a button to update, shows laziness on your part. It may not interest you, but what about those who your project interests, that would rather just view the already made game page, instead of having to go onto another site they aren't even used to, to see updates? They can download it, and try to figure out the updates on their own, or go the extra mile and go on the other site. But you made it on here and up and decided to move somewhere else when I'm sure it is easy enough for you as it is, to still update here, as well as the other places you're going to.

Also really, you're making stuff for the people. Not really for yourself. That is what this whole genre of 'business' implies. If it doesn't interest you to post on here...big fucking deal. People get bored all the time when making games and engines and what-have-you (in your case, the place you're on), but really, who cares if you're bored of places you're making the project's updates on? All they care about is if you get the stuff done or not. They would rather you be bored, depressed, pissed of places or whatever, if it meant you get the stuff done. They really don't care 1 way or the other about your actual feelings about...anything...really.

Unless it messes with how your projects pan out. But I HIGHLY doubt you being on here is gonna fuck your projects up a hell of a lot.

I'll say sorry on how offensive my last post was, but really, I don't give a fuck. If you can't accept my brutally honest opinion and criticism on what you're doing in a PUBLIC setting, of all places, you really shouldn't be making anything for the public to use and/or view. You do what you do pretty good. I'll enjoy it when it all is done. But it still doesn't change the fact that I really speak how I feel. Good or not. Doing stupid shit or not. No matter what. It is your choice to move your projects, and it is my choice to voice my opinion on it. Take it or leave it.

But I'll not be making it all 'sweet' just because you want people to play all 'nice' when you make a decision like this. Good luck with the move nonetheless, and good luck with your stuff.

The fire always burns

Common sense
I -do- have to say this. This isn't the site's fault it doesn't interest you anymore. This is your own fault for joining this site in the first place, then deciding to "stop, pull out, and not call again". Sexual references FTW. You really shouldn't have joined if you get so easily uninterested about things.

The way you stated it on your one topic, makes it seem like this site isn't any good, and it is it's fault and maybe the other members, when it is 100% your fault for even coming on, and contributing like you have with this project. You really should've just looked away and not done a single thing, if you give up on sites so easily. It is sad, how many people leave sites, and act like it is other's faults, and the sites fault at that. More-so pathetic.

You've lost (not that it matters to you) any and all respect from me for this childish act. You had a little bit for the project, but that is all gone.
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