I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.



The fire always burns

By move, does that mean this won't be updated anymore, and only at the places you had just mentioned?

If so, kind of pointless. I mean, you've been doing the updates here (I mean the ones I know about, anyway), and I'm not speaking for everyone, but I ONLY heard about this, FROM HERE. Meaning you might just lose a bit of people that view this, and maybe lose those too lazy to go on other sites just to view the updates when it was easier for them to do such via the RMN.

Streamline Battle

'No one' is over exaggerating. Sometimes, slow fights have to happen in certain games. Not everyone is in it just to play, and get the whole game and over with as quickly as possible. Some people actually like to sit and play at a good, decent pace and enjoy the game. Some, not all.

But as long as there is an active and wait, then the speed isn't relevant to this, because you can either mash, or wait and think it out.

Demo Video

Is it at all possible to have text boxes appear in different parts of the screen at once? On 2003, and probably every other official RPG MAKER, it can only appear 1 text box at a time. I always wanted to know if it would be possible to have more than one appear, and have a function to fade in and out the actual text boxes.

Episode One Update 2: Sound bug fixed!

Is there a Power Mode for RPG Maker XP?

Episode One Update 2: Sound bug fixed!

Nevermind. I read quickly and missed it up. Power Mode 2003.

Episode One Update 2: Sound bug fixed!

Hey. Question. How the Hell did you get the video playing in the title screen? Unless it is just kind of like a flip book and flips through images and then loops back.
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