I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.



Breath of Fire II: The Fated Child (XP)

I can't wait until something is released on this thing. The wait has been long enough to warrant at-least a demo.

I know. Life this, life that. But it still doesn't make us want this any less.

Forever's End

Why do all main characters have to be bishonen pretty boy's, i'm just saying a guy that young isn't a captain.

You really can't say that. Also given this isn't a 'real' world thing, it really doesn't matter age.

Forever's End

That really isn't a 'famous' band even if the bio says it is. It's one of those generic "We think we sound better than other bands, and thus make a cool bio stating we are much more famous and renown than we really are, SO LISTEN TO US PLAY CRAPPY MUSIKS!!" bands that are out there.

I'd not worry about Copyright issues from those idiots.

Forever's End

Forever's End

For the 3 hours of the beginning I hated the tint lack of colors now.
Don't do this anymore. Because then I ended up in the colorful locations it was horrible not-Rudra-chipsets mapping.

Also don't tell them not to do it again, like it is your game. I can get it when it is suggestions, but you're demanding that they don't do it again, like it is your say.

Fallen Evolution

Hm. Well I don't know.

Fallen Evolution

Yes and no, Zaeran.

Also this may look, in terms of what it is made by, as a rip off game, and I assure you that I once thought the same-thing before I joined. But I again, assure you that it isn't. It is a fine game, with an even finer community. It may not have very much to do than EO did when it was up, or compared to other games, let alone other MMO series, but it still is fun and worth getting in to. It is still growing and is in its Beta stages of testing.

So expect more and more from it. Also you can access the forums from the link that I provided. The Forums is one of the best parts other than the game, about it. To me, as I am a forum admin, I enjoy it and feel it is as good as the game. But I am a forum junkie, as it stands.


I don't really see why you'd not be able to post your games, if they are yours. I personally don't see the point in not allowing you to do so.

It is your game, after-all, and your games so far have been good. It kind of is like a slap in the face, in my opinion, if I work so hard on the games I place up on here, then when I do work on more and they happen to be commercial games, I'm not allowed to do it.

To me, it is kind of disrespectful to the gaming community; to both the consumer(s) and the developer(s).


It has a good, Breath of Fire and Suikoden feel from what I've seen from the battle screen shot.

Now, it really isn't something that should be canceled forever. A project like this can always be redone using what you got to make it easier on you. It is a very 'interesting' game. Anything Suikoden/ Breath of Fire related in any sense, I love XD


Well you know, maybe you should come back to this someday. This looks like something that would really be something big. If you don't know how it would play out, just get a group you trust, together, and talk things out.