I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.




Very nice, but the charset has to go.

You do know that sounds super rude? Makes it sound like it is your choice. I suggest watching how you say things on a game that you don't own.


My friend already got the permission for me. As he 'tried' to get him to join us, he couldn't and gave permission.

Also 95% of the graphics are not his, and I don't need to ask him to use them. Such as a hell of a lot of tilesets, music and such. His stuff, I do have permission for.


I'm using the Fog function to add a smokey feel to it, yet at the same time it adds a 3D look to it when it pans around.


Sunei Village. I'm highly positive anyone can really read that out. It fits better than some Default Text as it looks better.


Given it is a still image, it is hard to understand what this is.
It is a Forest on fire.

What I -REALLY- wanted to do was to find some animation (anime styled video, not some 3D animation) of a forest on fire that lasts like 5 minutes, but also loops perfectly if need be. But I got this, instead.


I was joking. I totally didn't need an explanation as to what you need to do until you can do the 3D looking one. XD

Since I got a game to do, and even a Manga to do, I have a lot of work to do to keep me preoccupied until the time comes when this stuff is done.


Well hurry up :P
Cause this game reminds me greatly of Wild Arms 2 and I love WA2, due to the 3D meets 2D world.


Any idea when this will be done? Reminds me of Wild Arms and like Secret of Mana.
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