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Requesting RPG MAKER 2003 Help - Key Input and Conditional Branch Issues.

Now my problem is that I can get Key Input Processing and Conditional Branches to work, to an extent.

Let me explain what I'm trying to accomplish, first. I am working on a game that is nothing but a mini-game of sorts. Imagine the old Mario games, where you travel on the over-world map, going to level after level. Basically that is what this game is. But there is a twist. You cannot control yourself directly whilst on the Over-World map. You push Shift and it randomly picks a number between 0 and 40.

If it picks anything from 1 through 8, it moves you different directions. Anything from 9 through 21, it places you into battles.

Anything from 22 through 32, it will either heal you, allow you to save the game, or throws you into a boss type of battle.

Anything from 33 to 40, it will give you items such as weapons and/or armor that you cannot get from stores or regular battles.

They will have levels you can access whilst traveling on the Over-world map. These you will have to beat, to progress the map further. They have stores, or long, unbearable maps, or little fights you have to get passed. The game's focal point is that it's meant to be annoying, whilst being thrown into a mini game status. The name of the game is "The Most Annoying Game in the World".

Now my main problem is adding anything to disable the use of the directional keys whilst still being able to access the menu. So they will HAVE to press shift to move, as Shift is the button that generates the random number. Which causes them to move/get into fights/what have you. The problem is that it either places a lag, then opens the menu up when clicked, or doesn't allow movement or key pressings of any kind.

Also I did think of adding a key to access the menu, but I'd still rather directional keys being disabled. Anyone here have a simple solution for this conundrum?

What I tried to do was use Conditional branches using Key inputs for Up, Down, Left and Right and call upon either that number the key uses, or the Variable reference the numbers are located on, then makes it where the character is put into a "waiting" status from the "move event" function if they press up, down, left and/ or right (if I'm explaining it right.)

But nothing seems to work.

The Gamer Documentary 2012

'The Gamer Documentary- 2012' Project.

Before you read the following, read this.

You are to interview other gamers, not yourself. You can, though, if you want.

Nor do you have to be a gamer. You're recording other gamers, so it doesn't matter if you play games, or not.

This is a project for gamers (and people blind to the gaming culture), to gamers, about gamers.

It's going to be a 2+ hour long Documentary Film showcasing the gaming culture to the world. This is a project that lets people from all over, record interviews, if you will, of gamers playing games, talking about games, and stating their opinions on where gaming is headed, and whatnot.
This means that you (the reader) can record it, and send it in to me, to add it as part of the documentary.

You -WILL- get credit.

If you're willing to do this, send it to my Email:

If you're wanting to help, but can't record video, then you can be a part of the Wiki and Information Gathering Team.

To do that, you can comment on here, or send me an Email.
What they do, is create a Wiki-Page for, and about the project. Stating what it is that we're doing, what we plan to do, and what it is. As well as any supporting sites, images, and so on. Thus helping the project grow. It also states how they, too, can get in on the project.
Information Gathering gathers needed information, like how to advertise this correctly, what sites are interested, and whatnot.

If you want to support us in other ways, please copy this image and paste it, as well as what we are, all over the Internet.
We need a gathering of like-minded individuals to help complete this. This video will debut on our Gaming, Tech, and Entertainment website (as well as it will be used to debut the site) when it's completed. We're still working on the construction of the site, and we could use a helping hand from that as well.

If you'd wish to donate money to our cause, contact me on here and we'll talk. All the money will go -ONLY- to the Documentary Project, and not to any other cause, personal and/ or otherwise.
So don't worry, your contribution, no matter the size, will be useful, helpful, welcomed, and appreciated greatly.

Thank-you in advance.

A Music Simulation Game? Good idea, or bad?

I wanted to talk about this, before even setting up a group project for it.

I wanted to do something along the lines of an ONLINE Music Simulator, in RPG Maker XP.

One that has instruments on the 'field' and you go and pick one to play, then when you do, you're locked into it, so every button plays a sound, and that if you hit CTRL+Shift, you can quickly change the sound and instrument version of that instrument.

I thought it'd be interesting to do, and others could log in to listen to them play their music.

Then implementing a function, say on mouse, that uses the scroller to "Echo" sounds.

How exactly would you feel about a game like that on here? Would you play it, or pass it up?

One other thing would be custom pixeling, so when you play the instruments, it's pixeled to move with the instrument, when they play it.

[Request] Need a Steampunk City, and other stuff: Sprites (Battle Characters, to be honest.)

I need either created, or linked to, a Battle Character version of the Soldiers from Final Fantasy 6. Also multi-colored. Green. Red. Brown. Stuff like that. For RPG Maker 2003.

I searched around but couldn't find one. Also is it possible to have a battle character sprited up, for 2003, Ultima (Altima, whatever)? The robot looking one with the spider like legs?

Also need someone's help with map making. I am needing to get a city mapped in. A big one. Kind of Futuristic/Steam-punk-ish. One that fits the theme, basically, of Final Fantasy 6, but...FRESHER.

It's going to be HUGE and I'm needing to get it done. So I need someone who would be willing to help map with me.

Also I"ll say this. I may need some help with the game. Not sure. So if anyone is interested in doing some collab-work, I wouldn't mind.

I'm doing a Final Fantasy Fan-Game. Where it's sort of like Dissidia in the sense different Final Fantasy characters from different Universes (worlds, if you will) come-together. Though you can only have a few in your team.

Basically it's about there being a WORLD inside of Atomos when it sucks things up, and it has been going from world, to world, sucking up people, because a Deity inside of that world, is forcing it to gather the most powerful fighters, to compete in a Tournament of sorts. The losers are fused into his being, where the winners are forced to use their power to open up the gate, keeping him out of the other worlds.

You play as, basically, one of the soldiers from the Final Fantasy 6 world, years after Kefka did what he did to it.

If anyone is interested in working together, I'd enjoy that.

RPG Maker 2003 Text Command Question

Is there a possible way to make it where when on rpg maker 2003, that when text appears, it shows your HP?

There is a command for the text, that shows your current gold, so is there one for HP?

Looking for a Sprite Creation/ Maker Sort of Program.

I'm looking for a sort of, very detailed Sprite Making Program. One that works as a sort of generator, of sorts. This is NOT being used to make a game. It's being used for a sort of SPRITE comic thing, that I've started via another community.

I don't mean some tutorials on HOW to make a sprite. Nor do I mean the crappy VX Generators, or the one has. I am just in need of one that has many options, and can get VERY detailed, and allow big sized sprites being made.

If you know of anything, please let me know, and thanks. A list of them on here, will be most helpful. Again, please and thanks.

RPG Maker 2003

I'm wanting to know, if it's possible, in anyway, shape, fashion and/ or form, to be able to open up and run, 2 RPG MAKER 2003 programs at once?

RMN Games(s)?

I am in search of RMN games that implement the battles where the enemies are on the same screen, and you can actually attack the NPC.

Do any of you have a good list of those types of game, here on RMN?

A Title Screen

I am needing, is a Title screen made up for me, if and only if, someone is willing to do it, obviously for free. I'd pay if I could.

What I'm needing is a Title screen that mixes 'The Past, Present, and Future" together. May that be the left side showing something from the Past, middle being present, and Right being the future.

Nothing too random. Like 3 parts of a same image, but one being old, one being current, one being new.

Then over top it of, an overlay, if you will, with letters that will match, that says:

"Through the Glass of Time"

Anything else, is up to you, to add.

Story Discussions and the Like.

Anyway, it was stated that we could talk "design issues specific to your game here if you want!"

I wanted to talk about a general story of mine, from an old game that never got finished.

The name was called "Through the Glass of Time" in which was about the ability to control time. (Yeah, I can see. Time Travel.) It was a story in which told the players, the story of the "Time Masters" and their job of controlling and protecting the source of all of Time. That they are what make time flow, and are truly what preserve time. The Past, wouldn't be possible if it were not for them. That memories would not recollect any past experiences, of any kind, if they were not there to store that event in Time. That people would walk around, aimlessly towards the future, only doing that in which they thought of that moment, and then forget what they were doing after.

It tells the story of the "True Masters" of Time as well, in which are the original beings that created Time, and were the first beings corrupted by that over-whelming power, and how the "Time Master" that is living, telling the story, of how his pupil (becoming a Time Master, himself) stumbled upon their ruined city, to discover the last remaining, "True Master", and how he broke the seal, holding in the "True Master" and his power. That Pupil then succumbed to the "True Master's" desires and over all power, and was forced to FUSE into that being.

Thus creating a whole new "breed" of Master, who wants to actually absorb the true source of Time. Because something had to create them, in order to even control Time.

I wanted to know how the story sounded to you, and if it was done correctly, would you play it? What would you change? What don't you like, what do you like?