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*Edited* Eventing Troubles and Help

I've got a question, about eventing, in RPG Maker 2003.

I'm starting back on production of a mini-game of sorts. A Zombie Survival game.

I had it where each event was just a copy of the other. Same name, everything; the lazy way out. You tun, finding 'ORBS' and collecting them per map, without getting your HP down to 0 along the way. You have 4 characters. You can switch to each one pressing "Shift" and if the HERO dies, it's game over.

I got that working, and their STATS are used for mainly SPEED or how high their HP is.

Now I'm wanting to add into it a bit, by adding in weapons.
How can I event it, so when a Zombie is in your area and you're facing them, and press an attack button, it hurts them, without it effecting the other events? Even if I start over, that is still the same problem. I think I remember how to set a certain number using Variables, for it's HP, so that isn't the problem.

I plan on having a lot of zombies on each map, and it growing each map.

Movie Help

I need to know if it's possible in RPg Maker 2003, to have a movie play in a Parallel Process, in which allows the person to move while the video is playing.
I'm working on a Theater Map and need to see if this is possible.


I'm wanting to know if there is any programs on the net, that coudl be used to screen-capture large images that you'd need to scroll down on to see the whole thing.

Right now I can only capture it bit by bit. But would there be a program that could capture the whole thing?

My Friend's Music.

This is my friend's music, and I decided to share it with you all.
Tell me what you think of his stuff.

Windows Movie Maker

I've Googled this up all to Hell and can't find out how.
Does anyone know of any ways at all to place an over-lay image in windows movie maker, and have a certain part be transparent, or a video making/editing program that allows for over lay images?

Redirect Link Question

Is there any sites that allow for limited redirects per 1 url?
Say I wanted to share a site, and wanted to use a site that shortens the url, and redirects them to the site, is there any one that does the same, but you type out for how long it keeps redirecting till it can 404?

Looking for Trees.

I'm in need of a picture that shows an overhead view, looking down, of tree limbs and such, some over lapping, some not, that I want to use for my map, as if the camera is looking down, into the forest, passed the trees. Anyone know of any site that would have this? Also it could be real trees, or clip art, or silhouettes. Hopefully all of the above.

Any Known Sites for Drum Sound Downloads?

Does anyone know of any site that has drum sounds for download? Not full songs of drumming. Not a few beats per sound file.
Single beat files, where you only hear the drum of each piece being hit once?
Trying to add a fun, little mini-game in my RPG Maker XP game, that allows for the player to play the drums, and make their own music up. Should be simple enough using Conditional branches for buttons being pushed, and for what direction they are facing. Maybe even what sprite is being used and what character is out for that much more customization.


I got my radio working, and it uses a streaming site. Anyone willing to go onto it when we have people on the air, here you go.

Share the link, by the way. Where ever you can, whenever you can.

Winamp Question

Who here knows how to connect Winamp to a radio player you add onto a site of yours, and at the same time who knows how to connect Teamspeak to Winamp so all 3 works together and the radio online players what it hears on Teamspeak?

Because I need to know, since I'm working to make a 24/7 Radio Talk Show.