Theseus Review

Wow, thanks for this review! I didn't expect anyone to put so much effort into reviewing this, this is really cool to see.

Theseus Review

Thanks so much! Honestly I didn't expect this tiny game to ever get a review, so thanks for putting in the time to write it. And I'm glad you caught the Earthbound Beginnings influence!

Also, if you ever want to experiment with 8-bit style assets in MV, all you need to do is upscale them to 3x their original size and they work perfectly. For the menus you only need to upscale them 2x, for some reason. For the font I would recommend the Victor Engine Sfonts plugin; otherwise the font will be fuzzy, even if it is a pixelated font. And with that plugin you get to make your own font, which is always fun. Come to think of it, I don't think I credited Victor for his plugins; I'd better do that right now. And I'm sure there's some plugin that makes the windows non-transparent, but I haven't found it yet.
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