Started creating games at a young age using one of the first Game-maker tool kits. I've hopped around from using Game-maker to Rpg Maker over years and left Rpg Rpg Rev in 2011 which ended the Rpg maker days for me. Since then I've only used Game maker to create a wide range of video games with varying art styles and game-play types.

Today I don't have the time to create games I like I did before, but do enjoy creating arcade games every now and again. I'm currently 28 years old and do everything from programming, art to music creation. I'm hoping to use this site as
a fun way to put out free games for people to enjoy.

I personally have a problem with indie games of the
32bit kind and under trying to charge more than five
dollars for their games. Seriously, you're game isn't
better than Super Mario, Zelda, Chrono Trigger or
the Final Fantasy games which are for sell at the
same price point.

-My Games-
So far my game list is!
Path of the Murderer


10/08/2016 09:37 AM