Tales from Zilmurik: Origin

Pretty much the best looking RTP game I have yet seen. Great job! Dling now

Dragoon Legacy

1st Dl, cha ching!
EDIT: Killed first boss and am loving the game, the bombs were nice. Im in the little beast underground now.

Glad you're enjoying it, I set out to make something that I would like to play as a final fantasy fan... and focused a lot on making the battles fun fast and rewarding.

Dragoon Legacy

(first of all, sorry for lashing out and getting offensive there- I had a few beers last night!)

Yepyep I have no problem. I understand where you are coming from, but I just want to get some things clear.. I can see why you might think I just ripped off your project, but its not quite that way at all. I've been in the Rm2k3 scene for a long time now, I posted frequently on GW and I remember you pretty clearly not sure if you remember me, my username was Brad; I made FF4 Fangame which I think is still somewhere on this site.

Ever since then, all of my projects used FF4-5 type graphics because thats what appeals to me as a FF fan. I stopped making games for about 4 years or so.. and just started this 6 months ago with basically NO Rpg Maker files on my computer whatsoever.. I had a few games downloaded included blackmoon prophecy - and it had the exact graphics that I needed. It seemed logical to just import final fantasy graphics from something I had on my hardrive rather than scourge the net for hours upon hours looking for the exact resources that are in your game- which is what I had in mind whether your game existed or not.

Ive put alot of work and effort into this project- if you played through it, even though I have not played your game , I can say very easily that it's nothing like yours at all besides the graphics. Which, like I said, were what I was going for. We happen to have the same taste in graphics I would say.. I just took a shortcut when I started this project that I can apologize to you for seeing as I was pretty careless with which ones I took. It was never my intention to steal anything!


Also, was sort of a last minute thing to add this project to this website for rm2k3 fans around the world,. intially I made this game for my friends and coworkers to play.. I'm in no way shape or form trying to leech off the success of your game which looks fantastic by the way which I have yet had the time to commit myself to playing unfortunately. (sorry for the run on sentence I just drank a huge cup of coffee)

Dragoon Legacy

Yes, please remove this monster and replace it with something else. It clearly wasn't just some random sprite I found.

I don't care much about the edited rips, but when I see something that I forked cash over for as a commission? Yeah, I don't quite like that. There are a few resources like this in total. Some are "gifts" that were not commissioned, but they were still original resources made for Blackmoon Prophecy only. My initial reaction was perhaps a bit too frustrated, and I'm now simply asking - please remove the commissioned sprite and/or anything else that I may bring up as being made FOR my game. This isn't about us blatantly stealing rips from major game developers, this is about taking from the little guy and, in the RPG Maker scene, we support each other for original content. We don't take it. It's not about letting a baby have its bottle, it's about respecting your peers.

I can gladly inform you what resources I'd like to be excluded from this project, assuming that you'll be civil about it as I'm now trying to be (since our initial posts were certainly unfriendly towards one another).

Yeah no problem, like I said, I honestly thought it was from Final Fantasy it was simply luck of the draw when it came to picking the graphic

Dragoon Legacy

So yeah, I don't need and don't really want your shitty "EDITS",, I can manage, I just honestly did not even realize they were you own doing. I simply wanted final fantasy graphics, like I always have! So tell me what to take out, I don't really give a shit let the baby have his bottle.

Dragoon Legacy

That "Baelin" monster was created as custom work for Blackmoon Prophecy as a custom monster. It was COMMISSIONED, meaning real dough was forked over for it. Get that out of your game and stop mining my freaking game for resources. I'm seeing tons of edits and shit from my game in here.

Not really intentional to be honest, I just wanted FF4-FF5 graphics and your game folder had pretty much everything I was looking for. If not from yours I would of took them from somewhere else dude - It was just easier to import from something I had on my harddrive than scourge the internet for rips which by the way most of your game consists of. You don't see any butthurt asian final fantasy artists sending you hatemail do you? If you want me to remove that monster no problem, I just thought it was from a final fantasy game like EVERYTHING ELSE IN YOUR GAME including the fucking NAME. Get real and dont be such a hypocrit. I knew I should of just redownloaded my old project FF4 Fangame which had all ff4 graphics which is what I wanted and the game would of ended up being pretty much the same quality without you getting all crybaby about it. I honestly thought you would not mind, seeing and we both invisioned the same type of fangame, i didnt take any of you ideas pal this was always my style of game for RPG Maker. Don't flatter yourself because I impported from a game that was just convienient for me at the time!
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