New to RPG Maker, I've developed and released a number of adventure modules for the Freeware game Dink Smallwood. However, feeling limited by the game engine, I am making the jump to RPG Maker and hope to release my first game by the end of 2010.


Hey there, hi there!


I've always had a "thing" for RPG creation, and have released a number of well received adventures for the freeware game "Dink Smallwood" (www.dinknetwork.com). However, Dink has a very small community and I've always fancied a crack at making something a little more akin to the classic console RPG's.

I've just downloaded the RPG Maker VX engine and started to have a dabble. Struggling a little with the tileset at the moment... but heck, I only downloaded the game yesterday!

Played one game from here so far - the exquisite One Night - and am downloading more to see what is possible. Sadly, whilst my mapping and story/character writing has always been fairly strong, I am quite pathetic when it comes to scripting and/or graphic design.

Wish me luck!
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