Well, i'm a newbie RPG game developer. I like humour, heavy metal and Monster Hunter, i play this game a lot, but a LOT. Yeah, over one hundred hours of slaying wyverns and dragons, no life was detected. And i also have some experience on mounting pictures, not exactly photoshoped (Cuz they aren't made at photoshop ), i made them at Paint.net, most of my game titles are made there.
I live in Brazil, it's actually pretty cool here, and not cool at the temperature, it's very VERY hot here, if you put a chicken egg at the street it will hatch.

Well, that's all. Sorry for my bad english, i'm not addicted to the English language.

Some of my projects that i'm planning to do:

-Tales of Awkwardonia
A open-world dungeon crawler game game with a lot of stuff to choose, like classes, weapons, magic spells and a lot more!

-Bloody Moonlight
A horror RPG-game with more complex engines'n stuff compared to my first game.

-Dragon Rage II
The sequel of Dragon Rage I, it will have a world map and improved stuff, like history, more equipment and more FUN.
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