Where The Moon Goes At Night

I'm loving the aesthetic and with inspirations like Earthbound and Space Funeral, you're off a good start.

I was hoping the art in-game would be clay models but the pixel looks great too!


This looks interesting. I think I've only ever commented other games once or twice but this deserves it. I'm not interested in the plot or the anime style so I won't play it but the art is solid. I mean, effort was put into it and I appreciate that. Keep at it!

Eye of Uzola

Can't get to that pulsating floor screenshot:

It looks really neat, it's too bad the there's never going on the circle in the middle of the screen. All those pulsating lines going there and it being the focus of the room, it really should have some color animation I think.

Super Toaster X: Learn Japanese

Thanks, you can find the game here:

I'm currently in discussion with eplipswitch to have him record audio of the pronunciation of words. Will keep you guys updated.

Super Toaster X: Learn Japanese

I did consider that and adding other languages is not out of the picture yet. Since it's focusing on vocabulary, it's certainly something within reach.

Which language are you interested into?

Drekirökr - Dusk of the Dragon

I don't know which spreadsheet you're talking about but yes, I'll check it out if I find it.

Drekirökr - Dusk of the Dragon

Sure, the fur of the body of the rabbit-like foes.

EDIT 2:Also, I think those bars above the characters are too much. I'd put them at the bottom to make the screen not so busy.

EDIT 3: You should submit your game to VREC on tig. I'd gadly make a video proviging feedback about your game provided that you're willing to do the same in return.

Drekirökr - Dusk of the Dragon

I don't know if you drew everything but if you did, kudos.

The only nitpick is the pillow shading in your last screen which is too bad as it takes away from the general quality of the art.

I really like your choice of colors though!

The Amber Throne

A breath of fresh air freeing us from the RTP.

YES! Your game is being talked about in a lot of communities.

RPG Paper Maker

Looks like this is working out good. Right on! I foresee success in a near futre.
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