Game Design: Progress Skill Tree.

Basically, I'm stumped. I'm working on my project tree and I want to make it interesting. The problem I have right now is that it's repetitive and not very compelling since it always follow the same pattern: ability-lock-ability-lock etc...

I'd like to make it interesting. I'm interested in brainstorming with y'all to make this better. Final Fantasy IX grid comes to mind as good design, both visually and gameplay wise.

The dark toast in the middle is the starting point so to speak. The basic idea is that you get keys for every level. You can then use those keys to unlock blocks. I like the basic concept but I want to make it more interesting but I'm drawing a blank here to be honest.

[Design] Reward Design and Ideas

So quick question. I'm preparing for my KickStarter and I want to have this update system where Pan has different expressions depending on the amount reached so far in the KS. I've just begun this morning:

Basically, I'm looking for ideas of other ''states''. The ''tiers'' are the following (each tier being revealed as the amounts are reached):

1,000 - Ok
2,000 - Ok
4,000 - ?
6,000 - ?
8,000 - ?
10,000 -?
12,000 -?
15,000 -?

So I'm basically looking for 6 other things. I'm thinking of Pan in a spa with some ''bread women'', Pan driving a luxury car... but I don't have a lot of ideas besides that. I thought I'd brainstorm with you guys.

I'm also looking for the most nitpicky of criticism about the characters themselves.

Also, how could I make the bricks of cash look less like bricks and more like stacks of cash? I've tried different things for more than one hour but couldn't get to anything conclusive.

Thank you for reading and commenting should you decide to do so.

[youtube] RMN Let's players

Hey guys!

I've tried checking the forum a bit but couldn't find anything.

I'd like to know who does let's plays here at RMN because I'd like them to give my current build a try. It's still Alpha but it's very short (I'd say 10 minutes at the most).

I'm looking for people who are used to playing games and can give plenty of honest input on things to improve and other sort of criticism.

I don't mind harsh criticism as long as I can use it to improve the game.

I prefer to keep the link private for now as it's still Alpha and I don't want the thing floating around in its current state.

Let me know if you're interested here, in this thread, or my PM me.

More info about the game can be found here:

I'd be happy to test one of your games in exchange and give you feedback in return.

[Poll] [Music] Which song do you prefer?


I need to get more opinions about the music for the game. Each one is a 30 seconds demo, no download necessary, you can click right from google.

I have not put the name of the composer to avoid any possible personal biases but the following composition belong to their respective authors. I will identify each song and their composers once the selection is done.





[Music & Sound Effects] Composer Wanted

Hello fellow Toaster fans,

I decided to let go the current composer as we couldn't see eye-to-eye about the music of the game.

This means that I'm currently looking for a new one.

What I need:

-Title screen song; 1 minute
-Toilet Tank Stage: 1:30 (max)
-Stage Select Screen: 15-20 seconds
-Game Over jingle: 5 seconds
-Sound Effects: I need about 20 sound effects. It's also something I would want you to do for the full game as well. This is why I added 5$ an hour for the minute of music.

I want something along the lines of Mega Man, Castlevania or Ninja Gaiden for the nes. In other words, something you could imagine being in one of those games.

I'm not looking for anything experimental or pushing the boundaries. Something catchy and classic is all I need.

This is one of those post-KS paid kind of deal, so if you want to be paid right now, that's not an option. The philosophy of the project is simple: if we earn a revenue, we all get something, if we don't, no one does.

Regarding the actual money and other benefits, I'll discuss those in private with whoever is interested.

I'm looking for someone who's an adult, no children please. This is for legal reasons (work related) and to have someone who's mature and reliable.

I'm looking for someone who's reliable and can stay in touch with me throughout the creation process. You also need to be legit, no stealing from other people, I want something clean.

The project is already well underway (close to a year now) so this isn't some embryonic pipe-dream which'll never happen.

Thank you for reading and feel free to contact me if you have questions, I don't bite (hard).


[Art] Achievements

Would you be interested to have custom made achivements icons (pixel art)? I thought it give more of uniqueness to them to have icons which are only found at rmn.

I'd only charge you a lot of cash for it (nah, I'd do it for free).

What do you think?

[Let's Players] Let's players for indie games

Hey guys,

I'm about to launch my game and I'd like to share the demo with some let's players with *some* audience.

I tried wikipedia and other websites to find out which let's players would be the best choice but there are so many I find myself puzzled.

Do you guys know any let's players who do let's plays of indie games? I'm looking for LPers who are not stars like Pewdiepie who probably get thousands of requests every day. I'm looking for LPers for a have a reputation from being easily reachable and open to new, unknown games.

Any suggestions?

[Design] Stage Select Screen


So while I still got the title screen on the backburner for a while, I decided to give the stage select a shot.

The idea is to reproduce something which Megaman players will be familiar with:

I don't want to go ahead too much before the design is set in stone so that I don't do the same thing 15 times like for the title screen.

This is the concept I have right now:

So, of course, the idea is to have Pan look at the selected stage.

Is the setup ok? Do you think I should go ahead and detail the living shit out of that Stage Select screen?

Please accept my salutations and most beneficial blessings.

[Game Maker] Energy Consumption in Games

Hello guys!

So in my game, Super Toaster X, you have limited energy. The following GIF explain how it works:

So basically, every action in the game uses energy which is the battery meter (walking, jumping, shooting, what have you).

At the moment, I'm working on implementing this so that it's a fun mechanic for the player.

The idea is for a more careful gameplay than Mega Man. Instead of shooting all the time like in Contra or Mega Man you need to be careful about your shots. Although powerful and long distance, missing should be penalized.

Basically, energy, unlike the Mega Man games is a precious resource.

I'm trying to figure out what should be the penalty for running out of energy.

This is what I'd like to discuss with you. I've thought about slower movement and less damage but perhaps it'd be too punitive?

You can recover energy in the game by picking up batteries scattered about:

Or by whipping Power Outlets which will recharge all of your energy:

I'm thinking of making the player lose a bit of health when using power outlet to avoid people abusing those recharge spots.

For those who have played Odin Sphere, you have a similar function in that game (which I just tried and found out). Basically, if you run out of power by doing various attacks, you become idle for a little while so that your power recharges.

So, another option is to have the power recharge after a short while. Some of it anyway, otherwise grabbing batteries and using Power Outlets would become pointless.

I don't think I've seen similar mechanics in other 2d platformers before so I'd like to read your input about this "energy consumption" mechanic. It's something I want the game to implement well.

So, as experienced game designers, what's your take on it?

[Art] Title Screen Design

So, what makes a good title screen in your opinion?

I'm working on mine at the moment and could use some input. I'm looking for feedback regarding:

A. Ideas to add to the title screen.
B. Criticism on the art itself.

It's still very much wip but I'd rather get the composition right before really polishing things up.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5: (so yeah, really trying here! :)